Creation efforts in cyber security.-In 1998, the Russian

Creation of a global culture of cybersecurity and the protection of critical information infrastructuresBy:Masoud HussainAbstract: This background paper will be talking about cybersecurity and confidential information regarding how countries tackle the issue within their country.

Introduction:Cybersecurity has turned into a national policy priority as technology rises everyday. National cybersecurity strategies seek to drive economic and social prosperity and protect cyberspace-reliant societies against cyber-threats. The US and the EU are among the first regulatory powers that have adopted important initiatives in the cybersecurity field. Moreover, cybersecurity is nowadays very high on the international agenda so that important efforts have also been undertaken by international fora like the G8, the United Nations, the OECD and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).Glossary / Key Words:(CISPA):Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection ActCritical Information Infrastructure: is any physical or virtual information system that controls, processes, transmits, receives or stores electronic information in any form including data, voice or video.Virus:A file designed to alter or change something, when uploaded on a computer, network, website, database, etc. Whether a virus is detected or not is essentially irrelevant, seeing as the damage is done, in most cases, once it is uploaded and installed.

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Cyber Terrorism:The act of hacking a nation’s computer infrastructure to cause damage and harm to the nation committed by terrorists (people who use violence to fulfill political purposes) is called Cyber Terrorism. It is probably one of the most difficult forms of terrorism to control and prevent because it is almost impossible to locate and prevent ahead of timeHistory and current events:-The UN has responded to the rising issue of cyber security with the help of the specialized agency Information Telecommunications Union (ITU). The ITU was chosen as the best agency to fulfill the 2003 World Summits goal of “‘building confidence and security in the use of’ information and communication technology.” The ITU created the Global Cyber Security agenda to frame international efforts in cyber security.

-In 1998, the Russian government introduced a resolution in the General Assembly (GA) – known more commonly as DISEC or the Disarmament and International Security Committee – which deals with disarmament and related international security questions. This resolution coincided with the year in which there was a significant increase in the threat level of internet hosts. The U.S. objected to the resolution, but in 2010, a Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) had convened under DISEC, revealing that the US had reversed its position on the resolution and for the first time has cosponsored a draft resolution on cyber security.

In September 2011, Russia joined with China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in proposing a ?international code of conduct for information security-DPRK:On November of 2014, Sony headquarters in Los Angeles, California suffered an extensive hack into their system, locking more than 7,000 employees out of the system as their screens all diverted to a gruesome photo of their chief executives severed head. The company then shut down all computer systems internally and oversees leaving the Fortune 500 group without any technology at all. The hack lasted longer than a week and released more than 4,700 unique social security codes of employees. The advanced company was forced to purchase all technology over again revert to manual and outdated protocol and be virtually cut off from the rest of the market for a lengthy period of time before their network could be restored.

This was the largest scale cyber attack ever seen on a private companies, with eleven terabytes of data being stolen from the Sony network. Authorities noted the fingerprints of both Iranian and Korean coding styles suggesting that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea could have responded to the creation of Sony’s satirical movie The Interview on the assassination of Kim Jong Un with such a threat.


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