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Almost everyone owe days has some computer device on them almost all the time, people are always checking social media through smartness or performing some online activity. The online infrastructure has endpoints; these endpoints transmit data. Businesses use many technologies to assist them in providing certain personal information that needs to be protected. For example, law enforcement uses computer devices to search for information on a suspect. There are other technologies such as monitoring devices from hospitals that allow real-time feedback of the patient’s vitals.

Many individuals use laptops or smartness to access his or her online banking account to transfer, withdraw, or deposit money. All of the information that is gathered and stored online becomes vulnerable, and if fallen into the wrong hands can cause many crucial problems. The effects of global technologies have been both beneficial and crucial. It is easier for people to gather information through the use of technology. Even if someone does not use electronic devices to store personal information, there are many businesses that rely on genealogy to store personal information.

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For example, Even if one does not have a computer device to go online or use the Internet, he or she may shop at a store using a credit card to pay for groceries. The store’s infrastructure could be hacked, and the credit card information could be gathered from the machine it was used in and given to the hacker. One’s information may be gathered through a personal device or through that of a business, which is why it is very important steps be taken to protect personal information.

Fifth arsenal information falls into the wrong hands, it may take several years to get fixed or may not get fixed at all. This is the age of technology, and it will continue to develop over the years. Homeland Security faces many daily challenges when it comes to protecting the nation and government from terrorist threats and crime. The Director of National Intelligence indicates that there has been an increase in cyber activity targeting U. S. Computers and networks (Amorous, 2013). Cyber attacks on critical infrastructures impact national and economic security.

The nation is very dependent on information systems, which makes it vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber threats and attacks can come from anywhere, such as employees, other nations, and hackers. Interconnectivity such as the Internet allow for large areas or individuals to become affected by a cyber-threat Or attack. The effects Of cyber-attacks often involve the loss of important classified information or the loss of billions of dollars’ worth of property. The U. S. Has not completely developed a way in handling threats or how to approach subjectivity. However, the U.

S. Is planning on improving subjectivity, developing a strategy for global cyber security, and securing the information and communications infrastructure (Amorous, 2013). There are major weaknesses in the security of information systems that need to be addressed. It is important for businesses and individuals to take action in protecting important personal information and do all they can to decrease the chances of such information being released to someone unauthorized. There will always be criminals attempting to do and use whatever they can to complete criminal act.

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