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Cyber warfare are actions made by another state or nation to cause corruption or damage to another state or nations networks or computers. Government infrastructures are at risk for cyber-related attacks every day. If cyber-related attacks were to be successful in government, it would lead to destruction or incapacity of certain assets and systems. Security, national health and safety of the public, and national economic security would be affected by a cyber-attack. According to James Clapper, the United States national intelligence director, cyber threats are the number one type of danger the United States faces.

Clapper states there is a major remote chance of a cyber attack on the united States infrastructure systems, and in 201 2, Iran was the number one threat. Many threats have the potential to turn into cyber threats. For example, theft has been turned to cybercafé as criminals can steal personal information online, rather than in physical form. Other threats such as terrorism have the potential to turn into major cyber threats and affect all of the United States. People are being targeted and tricked into providing criminals with personal information.

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More companies are turning to the online world in providing customers with information about their accounts, such as online banking and paperless bill pay. Companies are being hacked, and large amounts of personal information are stolen. Criminals have it easier to commit crimes than ever before because they can do so without ever leaving the comfort of their home. Criminals are turning to cybercafé for a variety of reasons. One reason criminals are interested in cyber crime is because it is stealthier and cannot be traced easily, as there are overall types of software and programs available to mask or hide real locations.

Cyber crimes are much harder to determine where and who they come from. The technology used for cybercafé is available worldwide, at our fingertips. Smartness, laptops, tablets, and other sorts of computer devices that can gain access to the Internet or online world can be used as a tool for cybercafé. Cyber crime is real, and can cause a lot of damage and disruption. Computers worldwide had been infected with a Code Red virus, which was the fastest spreading virus over the Internet affecting 760,000 amputees. 7% of the money supply is in digital form. Hackers no longer need to be an expert to cause damage due to free tools and available scripts on the Internet. Following strikes against Afghanistan, technology officers, CICS, and IT managers had been warned of their IT systems being used to launch retaliatory attacks. According to NIP, the potential for DODOS attacks is high. U. S. Department of Defense websites and other organizations supporting the infrastructure of the united States are being targeted. Many businesses have fallen, a victim.

According to The Gilmore Commission report in 2000, two possible scenarios are likely. The first scenario is a coordinated terrorist attack with cyber-attacks targeting systems critical to a response, such as emergency medical facilities and law enforcement communications. The second scenario involves cyber-attacks against Water facilities or power facilities. Those most likely to form cyber-attacks against critical infrastructures are criminal groups and terrorists, not nation-states. Digital technology is growing faster than users can understand security implications.

Threats that are designed to remain undetected in cyber systems are lurking, providing criminal neeјarks and enemies with security data and vital economic data. Destruction of cyber threats can be invisible. Cyber threats are increasing and becoming more viral, diverse, and interconnected than ever before. Cyber attackers who are believed to be the most willing to take risks and attack CSS networks are Russia and China. Through the use of technology enemies or terrorists can make more homegrown terrorists, which are usually US citizens showing interest in explosive devices and targets f the IIS military.

The more technology evolves the dangerous it becomes. Society is no longer a place where only a few states have access to dangerous technology. Iran is using technology to create weapons-grade uranium. North Korea is using technology for programs of missile and nuclear weapons, which serve a great threat to the United States. North Korea has also exported materials and missiles to other countries such as Syria and Iran. However, Syrians nuclear reactor had been destroyed in 2007, and Iran is attempting to save money with their decision to develop nuclear weapons.

North Koreans weapons are focused on defense and deterrence. Some ideas have been started in developing a plan for cyber security such as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CHIPS), which was introduced in 2011. CHIPS was created to improve subjectivity information sharing and guard against cyber threats with the possibility Of harming networks. CHIPS lets businesses to share private information about or from customers with US intelligence and government agencies, which overrides state and federal privacy laws.

The government is not able to gain access to personal information if a company does not want them to by making information anonymous. The bill does not allow companies to use data for gain in the market. However, the bill does not state that personal information is to be stripped from data, which allows companies a choice in how to share information with government agencies. If CHIPS makes a mistake involving sharing information, they are unable to be sued. Although, we are starting to develop ways to secure our systems from being attacked, we have much to understand and accomplish.

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