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Another incident was when Sandra Bullock’s husband, who was the district attorney, was trying to find out what to tell the news. He mentioned he didn’t want to lose the black vote and needed to pin a medal on a black man. He brought up a firefighter’s name who he assumed was black.

The man on his team mentioned he wasn’t black, he was Iraqi. Bullock’s husband assumed because he was dark-skinned, it made him black. When Don, the detective working with LAPD called Ria, the woman he was having relations with Mexican, when her parents are from Puerto Rico and El Salvador.

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) Does stereotyping appear anywhere in the film? Give examples. At the beginning of the movie there was the “Mexicans can’t drive” and “Koreans can’t see over the steering wheel when there was an accident in the beginning of the movie. Another example of stereotype saw in the movie was when a young Hispanic man was changing the locks in Sandra Bullock’s house. She took a look at him then turned around told her husband that she wanted to have the locks changed again the next day because he was a thug nd was going to sell a copy of their key to one of his homeys.She just saw his exterior and made the assumption not even knowing he was a hard- working man and an amazing father to his little girl. c) Is stereotyping a basis for any conflict incidents shown in the film? Not some examples.

– Again, with the Hispanic locksmith. He was to change the locks for the Persian store owner. When the store owner’s shop was broken into and destroyed, he came up with his elaborate scheme that it was the young gentleman that was ut to get them, found his name, then went to his house to confront him, and ultimately open fire with the gun he had previously purchased. When Terrance Howard and his wife were pulled over and his wife was assaulted, he did not defend nor help her because he was well aware of stereotypes for the black people and he was afraid they would be taken to jail or shot if he reacted to the situation.

d) Are there any moments of acceptance of differences in the film? Explain. There are three examples that you could see a sense of acceptance in the characters’ eyes.The first being when the Hispanic gentleman looks over at Sandra Bullock after she bashed him for his tattoos, haircut, and pants then gets up and sets all the copies of the keys on the counter. The second was when the Persian store owner pulls put his gun to shoot the young Hispanic man and his daughter, only to shoot a blank. Lastly, when the police officer pulled the black woman from her burning car.

Although he had preciously assaulted her in a previous traffic stop, he saved her life. There was acceptance on both ends.

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