CPD you are learning is in fact

CPD – Continuing professional development.  It refers to the process of tracking and developing the skills, knowledge and experience acquired both in practice and theoretically, as you perform your work after your initial training. This plan is to have a future vision of the place where you want to get into the future career, as a portfolio to prove career progression as a professional.The CPD process helps you manage your own development on an ongoing basis, to help you plan, examine and reveal what you are learning is in fact a plan that extends throughout your career.A CPD plan should help you:- to have clear documentation- be your employer’s development plan, not your employer- to be based primarily on learning from experience, it helps you to constantly review your plan and set your goals for development-the training must be formal and informalIf CPD includes membership of a professional body, it is a great thing because you can find many helpful tips, tips, documents that will help you review your website and update your skills and professional skills. It provides you with a vision of professional development so far, it shows your achievements and how far you have progressed, directs your career, shows you the gaps and how to fill them.

It also shows you examples and scenarios for CV or interviewing to help you demonstrate career development or eventual job change

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