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Course: Environmental Management AppliedWorksheet Number: 6Due Date: As Shown on BlackboardMarks: 20ObjectivesWatch the documentary:  The Human Family Tree (National Geographic Documentary)TaskImagine that you’re a science or environmental writer for a local newspaper: Write a short (600 – 800 word) movie review of the documentary.  What did you think of the documentary? Would you suggest it to your newspaper’s readers? If not, why not!  Give the documentary a rating! Yay or nay? 2 stars or 5 stars!Additional:Answer the following questions:How do scientists know that our species originated in Africa?What is believed to have caused people to first move out of Africa? Where did they go?What caused skin colour to lighten up?How can Africa be more diverse than Queens, New York?Would you want to get your genetics tested if you could? Why or why not?Do you think knowing your genetic heritage would change how you think about yourself? Explain.Notes/Additional CommentsPlease note: Plagiarised submissions will receive ZEROThis assignment will have a hard deadline.Please submit a MS Word document (.

DOC) to BlackboardHard copy or email submissions will NOT be markedName & SurnameMbuthokazi Rebecca Somtumane Student No:218075170 Movie Review> 600 words & < 800 words (15 pts)The Human Family Tree (National Geographic Documentary).By MbuthokaziDeep inside of us a story is waiting to be told ,a story of life , sex ,virtue and began in Africa with a dawn of humanity , epic earth drought ,creating climaxes only when we had reached the hand of earth.According to the documentary the story was told with a very understandable and bold experiment, on a single day ,on a single string DNA hand fully was set to trace the ancient genes of people alive today ,to reveal on how we are connect to human family tree.It was found that in century melting part ,a lot of masses have migrated to search for a better life and they never stopped coming .

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Queens New York USA people were moving there to listen to the stories ,and were instructed to scout DNA on their cheeks attempting to trace the DNA to all corners of the streets ,all these were took from people who were from different places such as Thailand ,Pakistan and also Africa .They started a project called Geno graphic period ,it spent 4 years collecting DNA of 330 thousands of people ,they used science to answer the question that were discovered during the experiment such as who am I ?, who are my ancestors?, where do I come from? Thousands of New York were lining up to get answers and to learn about ancient was also found that no matter where we from ,how different we look ,if we look back on family tree we can find that we all related We come from a small group of Homo Sapiens a king living in Africa 200 000 years ago ,people have been living in Africa till they got into hard times ,where green pastures let them out, ultimately they gave rise to a part of New York. It was found that our ancestors adapted to different climates as result we as humans are now amongst the physical bury of all the species of the planet and we believe that looks can be different but with DNA we are related ,and almost all people are related to a percent of 99.

9% .no one exactly know what lead to split but all scientist decline it slight change in the earth ,swabbing the climate shifted for 1000 years.Light ,dark, big ,small, brown, blue ,straight or curly neither skilled genetics cover all our different species and they came to track our ancient past as scientist studied that DNA stay much the same .

I like that an an example was created about Goerge who is a Y-chromosome ,they say if you pass down the like genes from father to son over thousands of generations it ultimately traces back to one man who lived in Africa around 60 000 years ago who is named cohen who was the only alive back then but only his Y-chromosome survived through age and every man alive today has a cut, another example was created about the women Neslem that her DNA came from small structures called mitochondria which both man and women carry but only man pass along. Over 200 000 years ago the DNA throughout scientist used mitochondria which picked up the markers and they became a gene so Ts were changed to Cs and was carried to daughters and daughters which carried the same genes and every other person in the planet , that actually means that we are same genotypical ,we are related to each other .This document can be very useful to newspaper readers who have not given out their DNA because they will now know that we are related and are one. They will be given opportunity to know who are they, where do they come from and that is learning about ancient past.It a yay (**5**) in this documentary a great information was discovered out of a large number of different people who seem to related to one another genotypical ,like from those people who migrated and I found that we are one family ,we come from same genes and learn that the human family tree is more connected than we think. Answer the above-mentioned questions(5 pts)It is believed that people have been living in Africa and were led out because of hard time and green pasture ,and also is said that we evolved from a small group of homo sapiens a king living in Africa around 200 000 years ago.According to this documentary they had hard times ,and green pastures were led out ,they had to go and look for better life in New York and other parts of the continent .It was caused by the movement of those people to other places and meeting other people with different genes as other and colour is lighten up ,it can also be pigment by systematic conditions .It can be diverse because it is a continent and many people migrated from it to Queens, New York.Yes because it great thing to know your ancestors ,to know where you come from ,who are you and even know the people you are related to.Yes because some people seem not to believe in their selves ,and after finding out that we are relate and are one family that actually tells me that I can be who I want to be and give out love to all people because we are one .


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