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Since last year, there have been many changes in everyone lives. However, this year everything has changed in a positive and negative way. Throughout the paper will talk about the pros and cons of Obama Care. It can be hard to get health insurance because it cost a lot and not everyone is a fan of visiting the doctors for general check up. You will always go for a check up when you are not feeling well.

As for me I always had health insurance and I think it is important for everyone to have one because you never know you might end up at the emergency room paying a lot than oh deserve.I think it is necessary to get insurance and Obama care has made it official that everyone needs to get insurance today. However, there are issues with Obama care that I think it needs to be solved. Obama Care Another year of healthcare just started on Saturday and there is some frustration in enrolling into a new plan or a new consumer-joining healthcare. It is amazing how time is flying so quickly.

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I still remember last year how everyone was complaining about Obama healthcare plan. There was so much confusion last year. Today the enrollment process is frustrating.

Every one deeds to get health insurance in order to live longer and healthy. We all cannot only be depended on Medicaid. Think consumers who are making $20,000 to 540,000 should be enrolling for Affordable Care Act in which they are eligible for. Consumers who are making less than $20,000 should be applying for Medicaid that is right for them.

They deserve to get support from the people. The benefit in getting health insurance is that you can get better- qualified treatments that will help you feel good. Currently, my family has Blue Cross Bluefishes POP insurance and it has been very helpful.In the year 01 1, my brother was diagnosed with cancer and was only treated when the hospital called our insurance company if the payments were accepted. Since then, my brother is cancer free and living a healthy life. What if we didn’t have insurance? Would my brother ever get any treatment? No, because we live in the country where insurance is mandatory. The website health. Gob gave a great insight of what Obama Care is all about, but there were issues.

The reason is because it took to much time enrolling in which consumers were annoyed by.They did not know it would take that much time to get enrollment just for health insurance. In order to fill an application, it took consumers about 90 minutes. That is a lot of time just for an application. Whoever does not want to change its plan from last year will remain the same for next year. If a consumer wants to choose a different plan, they can enroll into it by December 1 5, 2014.

The new plan they will choose will be effective after January 2015. Consumers who do not have health insurance, they can sign up by February 15, 2015.That is good for the new consumers to take their time in choosing the right plan for them. The biggest problem with the website was finding the surname. Lorena Rotor wanted to enroll in to a new plan but did not remember her password for her account.

Therefore she got help from the application counselor who spent hours figuring how to solve the issue. Whenever they opened the email, they never got the temporary password in which they needed to open the account. So, the counselor decided to make a new account from a new email and another problem came up. Ms. Rotor old healthcare plan was not coming up.So, the counselor decided to make a federal call in which they said that there was a technical issue to their website for people who wants to re-enroll. The only solution they found was to re-create the surname and password to accomplish the re-enrollment. If these issues continue at healthcare-Gob then consumers will not get insurance.

Think it is good if there are no more technical issues in the website so consumers can enroll easily. If I was going to enroll into a new plan, I do not want to take that much time in filling an application just to get insurance.It is best to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Last year, when everyone was enrolling the computer system crashed and the deadline was gone. So, it is needed to get the website resolved. CONS Problem/Solution 1 There are multiple problems that have to be solved. The first problem is that Obama care is focusing on making sure everyone gets health insurance. First of all, you do not want anyone to force you to get something? No! Because you know what is right and wrong for you.

Obama care is a force and I think everyone can make his or her own decision if they want insurance or not.From my own opinion, think the only solution to this problem is to let people decide if they want to enroll or not. From this, money will be saved and people can decide for their best in health decision. If we all make a change to the issue, I think the society will be happier.

Problem/Solution 2 Another problem will be that working Americans will have to pay more for their health insurance so the uninsured American can get paid. This is not good because no one wants to pay more. When you go shopping you will always go to the clearance section to see if you can find cheap outfits.It is good if we save some money rather than spending a lot.

Therefore, paying more for insurance can cost a lot of people to lose a lot of things. I have family health insurance and we were paying $2400 in POP insurance for two months before Obama care came. We are happy to pay that much for insurance because it was full coverage and we do not have to pay a lot. After Obama care, we have to pay 53200 with 80% coverage for months. That is a lot than before. We are happy to pay for insurance but 80% coverage is not good because we still have to pay deductible and we have to pay the remaining of 20%.I do not think we do not deserve to pay more because of uninsured. The only solution to this is either the government pay for the insurance and let the working Americans pay for the amount they used to pay.

Problem/Solution 3 By adding more expenses into health insurance will make the workers choose the less cost plan in which will not give them full coverage. The biggest problem is that workers will never get treated right because of the cost. If we go to the doctor to get a check up but do not have good insurance maybe he or she will not give the patient enough time to check.It is good if we chose the best health plan so we can get the best treatment for our health. If you want to live longer, than you should pay well for health insurance to get the best treatment possible. In the year 2011, my brother was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma with stage II. On October 31, 201 1 he went to the emergency hospital where he was growing a thick mass inside his neck. The first thing my father did is to pay premium for the next two month because he did not want his son get the least treatment.

Once my brother entered the emergency room, the first thing they asked was what kind of insurance we had.They did not care what was the problem because the hospital first priority is to see how much a patient pays for their treatments. Today he is cancer survivor and all his treatment cost the insurance $250,000. That is a lot of money and he got the best treatments. He only visits once a year to get a check up. The best solution to lower the expenses of health insurance so people can choose the right plan that is good for them. Problem/ Solution 4 Another problem is that Americans already have so many debts today.

By adding more cost in expenses will not solve the problem with the debt Americans are paying today.Today, I do not have any college debts or any other too. I do not know how it feels have debts because my parents have supported me a lot and they still continue too. However, people who still have debts to pay for many years will have hard time paying more for insurance. The only solution I think will work is to have people first pay off their debts and then increase insurance payment rather than paying both at the same time. The good thing is that after paying all the debts, people will not have hard time paying for insurance because they will have the money that time.PROS The best part of the Obama Care is that the uninsured American will have the rights to get health insurance.

Now, they will have a chance to get a routine check up so if they do have problems with health, they can get treatments. That is good for everyone because they deserve to get good treatments. My uncle never had insurance because he Was not able to afford.

However, since last year, he was able to apply for health insurance in which helped him recover his health problems. He is now able to pay for all his medicine and get every treatment that needs to be done. Hint that is great because everyone deserves to get the best health as possible.

Am very happy for him that he can go anytime to see his doctor without any panic attack because he does not have to worry about the costs. Another thing that is good is that the government does not have to pay for patients who do not have insurance. The patients only go to the emergency hen their health problems are severe.

They cannot afford all the time to pay for health insurance because of the monthly premium. It is too expensive to pay for their health.When patients go to the emergency for a treatments the bill is incredibly high and therefore they cannot afford to pay that much. That is when the government decides to pay for the patients who are in need for care.

Obama Care will the government big time in saving money and improving the economy. Before Obama Care there was discrimination to that could get insurance. If you were old, have a disability, pregnant, and an illness you could not get any insurance. The reason is because the treatment costs a lot and insurance did not want to pay for the patients who would cost more.The only way for them to pay for patients with bad health is if they have been paying insurance premium when they were healthy with no illness.

I think that was not good what insurance did in the past because it is not the patient’s faults that have illness. Illness occurs naturally, in which everyone deserves to get the best treatment possible. Another good thing about the insurance is that young adults will have insurance under their parents by the age of 26. I think that is great because at the age 26 are the right age to be on your own foot. Young adults are out of college and fully settled by the time they are 26.

Young adults who are out of college already had so many debts of tuition they have got form colleges and universities. They want to finish the debts they have before paying for premium of health insurance. Plus, they are also looking for jobs to get settled. My parents have been paying for my insurance because I am under 26. However, today I am now working full-time in which my company is paying.

That is great because do not need support from my parents anymore. At the age 24, I am not able to stand on my own and therefore I can pay for my own insurance since I do not have any college debts to pay. M very proud that can get the best treatments so do not have to worry about the cost of the health care. The best thing about Obama Care is that it is affordable for people who are making less money. They now can get any type of treatments for care just by paying a little in premium. Every American are getting the best plan they can afford in which will be effective for everyone. It is great to know that there is something done for the uninsured So they can live a longer life like the insured Americans. I think it is possible to make a change and of course our land is full of opportunity and everyone deserves to live long.

Another good thing is that the federal state will save a lot of money because people will be out of Medicaid and get insurance. Instead of the state paying, the Americans who are well off are paying more premiums so the uninsured can get insurance to get treatments. From my opinion I think Obama Care is great because the government can pay for everyone and therefore it is good to know that Obama is caring for so many uninsured Americans.

Obama Care has been in improved since March of 201 0 in which showed everyone that miracle is possible.Even though few people were against the Obama Care, Obama fought and won his case. I think he did great by helping the people with the need of medical care. It is amazing how the world has changed because of good decision Obama has made. I love how it will make a good impact for the uninsured Americans. My uncle who passed away five years ago did not have insurance because he was not able to afford. Also, he had illness in which there was no way to get insurance anyhow.

Since he did not have insurance, he had Medicaid but did not get good treatments because of the cost of care.

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