Counseling, movement to further the field. Psychological

Counseling, like many disciplines, is charged with sustainable progression; there should be a continuous movement to further the field. Psychological interventions to treat clinical dysfunction and maladaptive behaviors have advanced remarkably in the past few decades.

Progress can be evidenced in many ways but has met and continues to meet staunch opposition from multiple critics. The viability of the profession and the overall philosophical outcry that the field of counseling does not measure up to acceptable scientific practices continues to be a resilient argument heard by many.  By prioritizing counseling research, it offers giant but feasible steps toward resolve that can advance both clinical practice and relevant psychological science (Kasdin & Blase, 2011).

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Science-based practice gives voice to our lived experiences and acts as a buffer in the multifaceted methods of understanding human behavior.             Research is critical in providing evidence for the effectiveness of counseling; without research evidence, it would be difficult for practitioners to justify the efficacy of identified and targeted treatment strategies. The counseling process and outcome research evidence continues to grow into a reliable, valid, and necessary source for clinical practice knowledge. Research that increases knowledge and understanding of how individuals interact with a social and personal environment is pivotal to the development of knowledge about counseling (Heppner, Wampold, Owen, Thompson & Wang, 2016).

Science-based practice continues to be an opportunity to move the profession of counseling out of its theoretical boxes and historical beliefs into an industry standard of integrated practice in which counselors use the best of available science combined with clinical experience to successfully help a wide variety of individuals. Research has, and will continue to provide a viable source of clinical knowledge that increases clinical effectiveness and offers a basis for professional development and education; subsequently, serving as a unifying force that will sustain the field of psychotherapy.


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