Could accidents in Qatar. Many people are

Could it be imagined a car driving itself without a driver? Should the driverless cars be approved by the Qatari government for the general public? Opinions differ between people about the approval of using driverless cars by the Qatari government. Approving the use of driverless cars would the best decision by Qatari government because of the numerous numbers of accidents in Qatar. Many people are against it since they believe that they are risky.

However, approving driverless cars is the best thing which could happen because driverless cars will keep people safe and away from accidents, and they are practical and easier to use.Firstly, approving the use of driverless cars in Qatar is a great decision as they save lives as their safety features are better than the regular cars. They lower the risk of accidents because it is known that most of the accidents are caused by irresponsible drivers of conventional cars. Therefore, automated cars are better since they are not affected by the mental or physical state of the driver. In addition, driverless cars are well equipped as they are supported with GPS and camera systems. As a result, more accuracy will be provided while using them. Furthermore, driverless cars stay within the speed limits and the sensors keep enough space between the cars around it.

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For example, it can detect if the traffic sign is red, so it takes an action to reduce the speed and stop.Secondly, approving driverless cars using would make life easier because they offer practical solutions for different communities. When someone is in a harry and does not have a licence, he/she will be able to reach the destination without the need of driving or chasing taxis. Moreover, disabled people will have the chance to get their own cars without feeling themselves strange. Also, special needs will be able to use safer and easier transportation. In particular, self-driven cars will help facilitate people’s transportation.

On the other hand, some people assume that approving driverless cars in Qatar is the worst thing. They argue that automated cars are dangerous since they might be not updated for new changes in the roads. In fact, the risk is caused by driver’s mistakes like using mobiles and exceeding speed limits. Also, it is impossible to distribute these cars unless they are sure that driverless cars will deal with terrible situations. Furthermore, some say that automated cars are so expensive and cost more money.

Actually, any car could cost money and registering in a training course is required to get the licence which will cost even more. However, driverless cars are worth paying for as they are secure and safe.In conclusion, approving automated cars by Qatar government is the most incredible idea because they will keep the people away from danger and facilitate transportation as they are practical. Nevertheless, some people think that driverless cars are dangerous and not updated. Actually, they are well-equipped and life saver since they keep the passengers safe. As we previously stated, driverless cars lower the accidents and they are suitable with the fast generation.

They are the greatest choice. It is needed to accept the fact that life goes on and technology is developing every day. Coping with that is better than just complaining the new brilliant ideas.


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