Cost said, you’ll find similar pricing as

Cost is an important aspect of anyone spending their hard-earned money and should be considered when deciding which of these companies to buy from. Everyone is looking for a good value at a reasonable price, especially if you’re deciding to build, upgrade, repair or purchase a computer. We as consumers need to research and decide depending on our current needs which processor at what cost is worth it.

Generally, speaking AMD has always been the least expensive option compared to Intel’s CPUs. The pricing of CPUs from AMD and Intel are quite marginal for lower-end chips Author Matthew Smith states that “Low-end, dual-core AMD Sempron, Athlon, or A-series dual-core processors start at about $30. In comparison, a low-end Intel chip will cost around $40.

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That said, you’ll find similar pricing as you climb the performance ladder, with Intel’s offering almost always coming in a little higher than AMD’s chips.” As you continue to look at different chips that have better performance the price begins to differ by hundreds of dollars with AMD still coming in cheaper.In early 2017 AMD debuted their new Ryzen architecture and with the second generation 2700X costs around $300.00, while Intel’s top consumer chip 9900K comes at a higher price tag of $530.00.


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