Cost As a international student one of the

Cost and Benefits is a technique designed to determine whether a project should go ahead. It not only includes the private monetary costs but also external and non-monetary costs. It is a process businesses use to analyse decisions.

I am student of MPA program at USQ. Before taking decision I sums the benefits of a situation or action and the subtracts the costs associated with taking that action. There are some benefits and costs for doing MPA course at USQ.

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There are many benefits of doing MPA in USQ. USQ is one of Australia’s providers of on-campus and online degrees. As a international student one of the important benefit of doing MPA is career development with international degrees which is internationally recognized.

In future, I would able to get my dream job through this degree. Other benefits are that I can experience different type of techniques of lectures with modern technology and can collect/share multinational information. Others benefits are flexibility in job market, assume a leadership role.With benefits there are also some cost involved while doing mpa programs in usq they are: opportunities cost-Example, instead of studying three hours a day if I go to work,I can earn money and future career is hidden cost of choosing study instead of work. Transportation cost, living cost, material cost, stationary cost come under out of pocket costs.

Some time there may be sunk cost also. There can be incremental cost to because incremental costs are additional to costs resulting from a change in the nature of level of business or individual activities for example:if student fail in one subject then she need to give re-exam by paying extra money. There are other cost like direct and indirect cost, economic cost, book cost,fixed cost, variable cost, relevant cost .


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