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“Corporate governance is the arrangement of guidelines, practices and procedures by which an organization is coordinated and controlled.” (Investopedia, 2017). Corporate governance is very important in today’s business world. Corporate governance is very important for company to improve their value. Good corporate governance can help companies to have more effective and efficient business operation, which will increase the company performance. As stated by Haniffa and Hudaib (2006), corporate governance is necessary because it advances the productive utilization of assets within the company and the bigger economy. It also helps firms and economies of lower-cost venture capital by means of the enhanced certainty of financial specialists and banks, both locally and globally. They also suggest that corporate governance would expand the reaction time of firms to social demand and desires and in enhancing the long-termcompany accomplishment. At last, company performance can be reflected by the method the business is analysed and also the fairness of the association’s governance structure.

Corporate governance includes an employ over relationships into a company’s management, its directors, its stockholders or other stakeholders. Corporate government also offers the foundation through which the goals regarding the business enterprise are set, and the means of reaching these targets yet limit performance are determined.(Applied Corporate Governance, 2015). Since governance structure is one of the factors that reflect corporate governance, researchers have mention ownership management as part of the structure. Segregation of ownership with management might affect the company performance for decision making process and company policy.

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Based on Haniffa and Hudaib (2006),the differentiations of ownership and management applications then the availability about uneven statistics sing the chance of moral hazard made by the managers to gain their self-interest might also administration in accordance with the misuse on corporate property.

There are two types of governance applied in many companies. They can either be good or bad. Good company governance creates an obvious engage of policies then controls into as shareholders, administrators yet officers have aligned incentives. Most groups attempt in imitation of have an excessive stage regarding corporate governance. For dense shareholders, it is no longer enough because an employer in conformity with merely remain profitable; that also needs after reveal excellent corporate citizenship through environmental awareness, moral conduct yet response corporate government practices (Investopedia, 2017). Good governance can be original then up to expectation the electricity about theirs universality rests in conformity with a sizeable content on the body concerning international ethnical rights or legal guidelines (Graham et al, 2003).

Meanwhile,bad corporate rule execute cast suspicion over a company’s reliability, morality or obedience in accordance with shareholders. Companies as do no longer collaborate sufficiently including auditors yet do no longer pick auditors along the terrific association may submit fictitious or non-compliant monetary results. Bad government compensation programs bust after propagate top of the line incentive because of corporate officers. Poorly structured boards redact that too difficult because shareholders after expel ineffective incumbents (Investopedia, 2017). 


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