CONTEXT in front of the High Master and

CONTEXT            Schrödinger’sCat is a story divided into two books, the Nightmare and the Dream. Bot take placein the 2020s with the Sect of the New World Order led by the High Master, whichcontinues to rise in power with all its glory. The nations of the world havetwo choices; they either have to obey the High Coalition or join theUn-Exploitable and the Doomed to share the fate of being destroyed from thesurface of earth. This story, deals with a group of people called theRepairers. These Repairers highly believe that it is probable to be able tolive on earth by staying outside the High Coalition. They take the Cranes,which are as prideful and as shy, as their leaders.

They succeeded to build theLand of Miracles, in spite of the inevitable seeming power of feudal oligarchy.In this Land of Miracles, the people learn to think “the impossible to think”,because the Primal Law of this land is based upon the New Physics, also calledQuantum Physics. Also in this land something is neither impossible nor certain.

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This Land of Miracles is a utopia, which is born again out of the ashes of theold Turkey by the Man with the Black Fur Cap.             Thereis a saying used in this book, which is; “let sleeping dogs lie”. The maincharacter Imre Kad?zade, says that the Land of Miracles, the Dream, is thescientific basis of this saying, of the High Coordinates and of the Annexationof Dismissal. Furthermore she says that this land is the scientific basis ofthe way the citizens will live as who they are and of the backlashing of globalfraud. It is the scientific basis of the Land of Miracles, which is establishedwith a totally different section of science, refuses racism with the “BootsstropTheory” and refuses genocide with ‘Inversion Together’, ends the reign of thelinearity of the New World Order with multi-variable logic.

  It is the end of a thousand year’s loneliness,drifting and frustration. The Land of Miracles is a new world, which is notarabesque and not in vain.            Thisbook deals with Postmodern Fascism, of which the slogan is “One world, onegovernment, one flag”, and imposes its modern values by using all abilities ofthe global media. There is only one power which can deal with the HighCoalition of the High Master; Schrödinger’s Cat. The cat of Erwin Schrödingerrepresents the unbelievable scientific truth of being dead and alive at thesame time. This is the only obstacle in front of the High Master and his HighCoalition. So this book is not a science fiction novel, it is the totalopposite. It is the story of constellations of stars of a psychotherapist, whichseemed to be the stones used to stone the demons to death, to the 21.

Century,New Physics, Chaos Theory and to cognitive battles reaching multi-variablelogic. SYNOPSIS            Schrödinger’sCat, takes place in the 2020s. The New World Order Sect, which is led by theHigh Master, continues to strengthen its power with all its glory. The aim ofthe Sect of the New World Order is to reduce the perception, to make “fools”out of fools, and to disable them to think of the impossible to think. Thenations of the world have to either obey the High Coalition or to join the Not-Exploitableand the Cursed, only to share their fate and to be wiped from the face ofearth. This sect destroys Turkey into thousands of pieces by settingconspiracies one following another. The main character of this novel, ImreKad?zade, is a “pretender”, who wants to be a member of this sect. Yet the sectis accusing her of several crimes.

The process of the trial is led by theCouncil of Accession in the House of Correction Adrianpole. Meanwhile, thereare many flashbacks of the life of Imre Kad?zade. After several days of thetrial, Imre Kad?zade is saved by a group named “The Repairers”, who are againstthe Sect of the New World Order. This story is about a handful of people, theRepairers, who believe that it is possible to continue on living withoutjoining and obeying the High Coalition. The Repairers take the Cranes as amodel, who are as proud as they are shy.            Thedignified Cranes, who do not sacrifice their view of the world, who refuse toadapt their world view to ours, who do not recognize any other freedom thanendless meadows, who do not give in to any other life style than their ownones, who do not condescend to flattering someone, who are not irresponsible, whotake the Morning Star as their guide and climb mountains.

They succeeded toestablish the Land of Miracles despite the power of feudal oligarchy, whichseemed to be certain and set trap of steel to the people of the world. Thecitizens of the Land of Miracles learn to think of the “impossible things tothink”. Since the “Primal Law” of the Land of Miracles is based on New Physicsand in this land nothing is impossible and nothing is certain. The Dream is autopia.

A utopia, which the Man with the Black Fur Cap raised from the ashes of”old” Turkey.   CRICITICALREADING            The novel Schrödinger’s Cat thefirst novel inn Turkish Literature, which emphasizes on “Anti-Utopia” to thereaders and the Turkish people who can “think” by themselves. This means thatthe reader is invited to realise the situation of Turkey and to get up and dosomething about it. This book makes the reader think about why we are still notprogressing and continuously staying at some point and pushes him / her to dosomething about it. This story shows the naked truth about the country andforces you to get up the other day being willing to do more productive works.


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