Consumer theory essay

So as a consumer, upholstered always recognize the need to choose what goods and services will give them the highest level of satisfaction.

But of course, consumers will always face a lot of constraints when purchasing goods and services which cannot be avoided because resources are always limited, and these commodities are offered at fixed market prices. Moreover, consumer preferences are how the consumers will act toward something when facing constraints. Also as a consumer, we also have the right to decide whether to buy or patronize a product or a service.

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o every consumer will come to the mint that they need to make their own decision in order to maximize their utility. What most companies do is, they are trying to know the demand and preferences of people nowadays, this is one way to help them identify how the consumers will behave in the market, and help them to decide what product or services they could offer to consumers based on attendant and preferences of people. B. Consumer Preferences Relation to Movies Nowadays, Filipinos have so many ways in spending and maximizing their free time. Sometimes, they go out with the family and spend their time for some entertainments.One of the popular habits of most Filipinos in spending their free time is by watching movies in cinema. Filipinos are very fond of watching local and international movies. Movies are already very common way of communicating to people.

If before, we often just stay at home and watch television programs, but now, people’s viewing behavior and taste to movies level up. It is because there are differences between watching television programs and watching cinema movies. Watching in cinema is more interesting and attractive. People could appreciate more the viewing style when watching in cinema.Watching in cinema is more preferred by some because of the very relaxing and comfortable place it has, bigger screen, louder sound and the high quality Of images. It became So effective medium to people that is why many Filipinos also patronize watching in cinema. It gives them higher satisfaction than watching the movie in television. Cinema viewing is respectively more purposeful than television viewing.

In movies, you could just watch it for 2 to 3 hours while in television you need to always keep track of those programs that you like. So this study will still focus on consumer preferences about Filipino movies.In this study, there are three Filipino movies with three different genre classification’s are involved in this discussion. So generally, we will assume that our consumers will base their preferences on the movie based on the content or the story of it. C.

Purpose of this Study Movies are the subject Of this study because movies were not usually seen in television, it is exclusive in cinema and there is an offered price for each of the movie. The objective of this study is to identify which Filipino movie is more preferred by Filipinos among different genre classifications.This will also aim to know how much will the people are willing to pay for their preferred movie.

Also, to apply some theories learned from the discussion of Consumer Preferences. So here are the three movies that are involved in this study: 1 . Maria Eleanor Teresa – is a horror movie about the three parents that have three children who died in the same accident, who are seemed to be alive in the image of dolls.

2. The Gifted – is a romantic comedy, about two girls with extremely high IQ, who always compete with each other, and later will also compete for the man they both love. . Starting Over Again – is a nuance, comedy and drama about former lovers, who broke up and left both of them with unanswered questions.

Media serves as one of the channels in communicating and promoting the movies to people, sometimes because of the extensive promotion of the movies, people get more interested on it. One way of best promoting the movie, is the attractiveness of the title, a good trailer about the flow of the story and the dialogue of each character is also important because it left a memorable mark or big impact to all viewers.So there are 100 respondents of this study, and they are 13 years old and above or teenagers and adults. They are the respondents because they are the group of people who often go to cinema. This became the trend nowadays. So the genre classifications involved here are horror, comedy and drama. The analysis of the study is based on the content of the movie and how much people could relate in the movie, (based in their values, attitudes or personality and other factors of consumer preferences).The Assumption to be used here is that preferences are transitive.

II. Results and Discussion 1 . Between the movie “Starting Over Again” and “The Gifted” what do you refer to watch more? 62 respondents preferred to watch Starting Over Again than The Gifted. It means that they preferred more drama than comedy. 2. Between the movie ‘The Gifted” and “Maria Eleanor Teresa” what do you 72 respondents preferred to watch The Gifted than Maria Eleanor Teresa. It means that they preferred more comedy than horror.So therefore, using the Transitive Assumption we can say that if Starting Over Again is preferred to watch than The Gifted and The Gifted is preferred to watch than Maria Eleanor Teresa, and so Starting Over Again is preferred to watch than Maria Eleanor Teresa.

Also, using this survey, we can rank the genre classifications that the people preferred. If drama is preferred than comedy and comedy is preferred than horror then drama is preferred than horror. It is because preferences are transitive. Preferences tell us about consumer’s likes and dislikes.

So here, they like most the movie “Starting Over Again” which has a genre classification in line with drama. In the survey, respondents are also asked to rank overall which movie they prefer more and they prefer less to watch. 3. Overall, rank the movie you prefer more and less to watch in cinema? From the 100 respondents, there are 43 respondents who preferred to watch the movie “Starting Over Again”, 35 respondents who preferred to watch “The Gifted” and 22 respondents who preferred to watch the “Maria Eleanor Teresa”. So therefore, most of the respondents rank as the first one to watch the movie”Starting Over Again”.Now we use the assumption that preferences are complete because they are able to rank the movies by their own likes and dislikes. We can See that the result was consistent with the result when using the assumption that preferences are transitive. 4.

What is your willingness to pay for the movie that you preferred? So the consumers are willing to pay just for the lowest possible price of the movie which is PH 150- 170 Based on the results of the surveys, Starting Over Again is the most liked or preferred movie of the year.Since this movie tackle about the modern lovers nowadays, that often break up because of some misunderstandings in the family. It is something new to people, because movies often have happy ending but they decided to put a twist and turn tiptoe. Our respondents, which are teenagers and adults, could relate much on the flow of the story. They have liked it because they had experienced or encountered this kind of robber, or they liked it because of their own beliefs and values, that everyone deserves an explanation and acceptable reason or they remembered the memories they had spent with their lost loves.Their choice of the movie can also be affected because they admired or idealized the lead persons in the film. They could also prefer it because they want to go with the trend. Lastly, this movie is more realistic than the other sets of movies, because it really happens in true life.

Concerning about the price they are willing to pay, people chose the lowest price for the movie because they are acing budget constraints. Since our respondents our teenagers and adults, they all have limited allowances and income respectively.Many of those teenagers are still studying and do not have enough money to pay for the highest amount of movie. As well as those adults because some of them have their own families already and they more give priority to the basic needs of the family-But then of course, these people still want to be satisfied, since they are common or ordinary people, they could watch the movie after some weeks that the cinemas would offer it in a lower price. Well, watching cinema s really pleasurable thing, but of course it is their strategy on how they will budget their allowances and income for their own pleasures and own priorities.Ill. Recommendations In this study we have seen that there is an increasing demand for movies.

So, film makers should do and create more movies and that people could relate much to the story. They should also create movies that are new and not so common movie that people could already predict what could happen. People want something that has a unique twist or ending people want to see something that is realistic. Movies industry should do more improvements on owe to advertise and promote the movies, because it gets a lot of impact to people.They should not stop creating movies especially now that it became one of the popular habits here in the Philippines and of course all over the world. IV.

Conclusion Therefore, the most preferred movie is “Starting Over Again” which is in the genre classification in line with drama. It is the most liked because people could relate their own values, beliefs and experiences in the movie. People are willing to pay PH 150-170 in watching the movie, it is because they are facing budget constraints.

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