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The project needed to implement the change is necessary as today’s organ actions face a number of challenges resulting from demographics, competition, new technologies, and economic variables Pees, Frey, Gerhardt, Fischer, & Treat-Matches, 2009). The following proposal will include a diagnosis of the current situation, recommendations, implementation plan, and summary. II. The Project Seagram executives have recognized the need for strategic repositioning and the redefinition of the company’s competitive advantage.With CEO Edgar Frogman, Jar.

Leading the way, many new initiatives have been introduced including the “Seagram Values”, a set of values that outline employee commitments. The bold initiatives laid out by the CEO require bold leaders to meet the demands of employees, stakeholders, and customers. Seagram biggest challenge is the changing global marketplace and maintaining proper internal communication. It should be realized that employees have more options than ever before.If an organization fails to meet the expectations of employees or at least keep up with what the competition is offering, employees will leave and the organization. Ill. Diagnosis of current situation: Seagram has already implemented necessary change in their business model. Change is now needed in how employees are cared for.

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Understanding strategies for implementing organizational change is crucial for managers nice the rate of change is greater than at any other time in history (Moran & Brighten, 2001 With the new values system, employees have shown concern about enforcement, participation, and other issues.The emphasis on promoting values is admirable but there is no clear system for organizing recommendations or the implementation of the ideas. These concerns may be unfounded but they need to be addressed. Seagram leadership has played a pivotal role in driving culture change but there is still more to be done. So far, organizational leadership has cast their vision and this has rough inspiration to employees and stakeholders. Now it is time for the leadership to demonstrate discipline in setting up systems that will execute the vision.From the new initiatives in implementing the values, five concerns have been raised: 1) What should be done with the various recommendations for action raised by participants in the programs 2) Are we going to punish the values violators 3) How will we recognize and reward the values champions 4) What should be done with the new employees who have been acquired from MAC/Universal 5) How do we sustain the momentum and attention on values while institutionalizing them and widening them across Seagram.

These concerns will be address in the recommendations section. IV.Recommendations: 1) All recommendations will be sent to the Human Resources department for review. The department will issue a quarterly review of the recommendations and the feasibility of implementing the change. If of employees recommend one change, the Vice President for Human Resources must issue a written response on how the recommendation would fit in the organization and if it is possible. 2) There will be reprimands for values violators.

This should be implemented through progressive disciplinary actions. First time violators should be issued a verbal warning.The department will meet with the employee to state the specific violation and issue a plan for correction. Second time violators should be issued a written warning that will be submitted to Human Resources. The employee must sign the warning and issued a copy. If the above two steps are taken and there is no change in behavior, supervisors will assess if the employee’s actions warrant continued employment.

3) Employees that are recognized as values champions will be awarded in both monetary and non-monetary ways. Every six months, employees should go through 360-feedback reviews.It is during this time that those with consistently good reviews should receive a reward at the discretion of the employee’s supervisor. 4) The 15,000 new employees who have been acquired from MAC/Universal should not be allowed to form their own values but instead should be integrated into the company and subscribe to the values of Seagram. Some have argued that this is not a high priority issue but they are mistaken.

Organizations cannot survive with two competing cultures and values. V. Implementation Plan: Upper management and the systems that are put in place will determine the success of the changes.Leaders must be prepared to lead change, understand the process of change, and have a clear plan (Zimmerman, 2004). The implementation plan to carry out these initiatives will follow a three step process: creation of new Vice President for Employee Relations, extend training beyond the top 1,200 managers, and create numerous outlets for communication. The three Steps should be implemented within a year and each given four months in order to allow ample time to apply each step.

Step one will consist of creating alumni chapters across the globe for company alumni gatherings.This will require a new position, the Vice President for Employee Relations. Not only will he or she oversee the creation of these chapters and gatherings but will report directly to the Vice President for Human Resources and will be required to give updates at all board meetings, publish a yearly report of employee benefits, and work with leadership in addressing concerns. This position will have numerous responsibilities but the priority will be to listen to and connect current and former employees.

Step two will extend training beyond the top 1,200 managers to the 15,000 employees.Step three will feature the creation of numerous outlets for employee communication. Both anonymous and direct communication means will be set up including break rooms installed with comment boxes, company intranet, social media outlets, and bi-yearly “town-hall” style discussions where employees can ask questions of management.

VI. Us Mary: With the successful implementation of the values system and corresponding initiatives, Seagram is in a good position to meet future demands and expand s the best managed company in the world.

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