Conformity essay

Individuality is better of society because being a human Is being their own individual, it gives people the opportunity t o express themselves in their own way, and it would show that there would be no judge meets on people’s lifestyle. Individuality is better for society because being different is okay. In his article “The Sociology of Leopard Man,” Fees states, “To be human is to be an individual, h unman with individual tastes, talents,values, and dreams that are distinct from those of to hers. Here Fees explains that being an individual is to feel comfortable in expressing who you re and to be yourself. Clearly then, being an individual makes people feel unique and true t o themselves because it gives them the ability to express in many ways that other people WI II just never understand. Human individuality is so important for society because we all be come free from rude comments or actions and enjoy life as we want it to be lived out. Montana 2 Another reason why individuality is better for society is because it gives people e the opportunity to be happy in their own way.

June Grubber writes, “True happen as, it seems, comes room fostering kindness toward others?and toward yourself. ” In this passage , it is saying how happiness comes from being ourselves, not only to us, but for others as well, so that that happiness is spread to everyone. This is significant because the happiness that t is gathered by being ourselves, influences others to do the same which makes society a little more comfortable Although conformity might be ideal for society, individuality should be the PRI rarity because a conformed society makes people feel insecure about trying to express themes elves.Lastly, individuality is better for society because it would show that there wool d be no judgments on people’s lifestyle. According to John the good of hi chi humanity is capable is compromised in obedience. ” In this passage, it explains how people e need to respect and accept other’s lifestyle or personality because who’s to say it’s wrong? Clue early then, knowing that people are making bad judgments on what you choose you would not e even consider trying to be yourself, but if that was not the case then embrace it.No matter where anyone is, there will be many people who would judge your appearance and your personality, but standing up for yourself and defending who you are, really is happiness.

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Although being yourself around people is difficult, being a unique human, an d having the opportunity to be happy in your own way and having no judgments on p people’s lifestyle is better for society because everyone has the opportunity to be individual. Whew n individuality is part of what people want, then express yourself and be unique with your own gifts and talents.

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