Conflict economic issue. Getting divorced is expensive

Conflict theory focuses on the negative aspect of society. Conflict theorists find social conflicts between groups of people like race, gender, religion, politics, etc. that have the potential for inequality to arise and then they blame society when the issues occur.

They indicate that unequal groups of people usually have conflicting values, which causes them to compete against each other, which ultimately causes our society to change. They believe positive aspects of society are accredited to a capitalistic design that was made to control society and not provide interests in conserving social order. According to conflict theorists, divorce is a solely economic issue. Getting divorced is expensive and couples are forced to pay court costs, attorney fees, child support and alimony. So, who is benefiting from all of this? Where is all this money going? Why make a couple struggle financially just to tear up a piece of paper stating they were married? After all the government is the one benefiting from all the taxes from the divorce. From this perspective, individuals are not to be blamed for divorce, society is, and they are just choosing the easy way out.The first way a conflict theorist could look at divorce is when someone is deprived of an key component in their relationship like time, affection, attention, or power. These neglected components of a married relationship then increase competition between the two people, which creates a negative state of trust in the relationship.

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For instance, in a divorce, when the supply of power or wealth changes who gets what? Does the breadwinner get all the important resources like a house and car while the other gets nothing? Is the wealth divided equally? If the couple had kids, how do they determine who gets custody? Normally, both people try to obtain as many resources as possible from the situation. In a conflict theory case, obtaining more wealth from the other person means total victory. A second way conflict theorist could approach divorce is focusing on how the relationship between man and woman historically has changed. Throughout history men used to dominate over women, however, today, women are now brought into the culture of the workforce, as opposed to staying and working the home full-time. This means that today’s women are more powerful and statistically much more likely to discontinue a marriage that they consider undesirable, unsatisfactory, or unfair. They believe the increase in divorce rates is not a sign that marriage has weakened for the individuals, but is a sign that women are finally confronting and fighting their historical struggle with men.


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