Conflict Negative conflict also can give bad

Conflict is a serious argument or disagreement and typically protracted one.

There are two types of conflict which is positive conflict and negative conflict. Positive conflict is differences of opinion and idea that can be very productive in a team. It will create solutions to solve the problems that happen and will increase the communication and generate more innovation idea. Positive conflict does not mean that the conflict was a good conflict but its means that when these conflicts happen, it will give us benefits. For example, in organization when something wrong happens of course we as an employee are afraid to speak out to tell our manager about that.

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So, as a manager, we should train our employee to speak out everything that they not satisfied so that all of the problem can be settled. Even this is a conflict but it will give more advantage to the company when their employee tells them about the problems. Negative conflict is some opinions that are not productive. This negative conflict happens when there were some problems occurs, they do not communicate well and deal with appropriately. There also will have a lot of consequences if the negative conflict occurs. Negative conflict also can give bad impact like trauma and so on.

For example, in organization when something wrong happen or an employee does not satisfied with the other employee, of course they will face to face to settle the problems. Maybe during the time they want to solve the problem, they are fighting and will cause injury. So this will cause trauma to them and maybe it will be a serious case after this.

To make sure that nothing happen when conflict happen, we should manage the conflict perfectly. There are many important of managing conflict. First, conflict management plays the important roles in our lives. Everyone needs friends in their life.

When conflict happen among friends of course they will have less friend. So, if we do not have friends, to whom we can share our problems and so on. We must avoid all of this conflict to make sure that we do not feel stress.

All of the conflict cannot be solved if we always fight among ourselves. Next, the important of conflict management is to create healthy and competitive environment. Employees must be ensuring that precautionary measures are taken in advance to prevent conflicts at the workplace. As we know, employees were the asset for the company and of course employees must feel motivated in order to perform well in their job. If conflict happens, it wills only leads to tension, stress and depression to the employees. For me, no individual can work alone and we need to depend on someone else in order to complete our work.

For example, if we have new work and we don’t know how to do it of course we need to ask our colleagues in order to complete the work. If we have conflict with that person, we will feel uneasy and shy to ask them about that work. We also need to work together in team to complete our work perfectly in order achieve company’s goals. Lastly, the other important of conflict management is helps to find an alternative way to solve any problem. Problems must be addressed at the right time to prevent conflict and its adverse effects at a later stage.

For example, when conflict happens, it will help us to thinking more on how to solve this conflict. We will find the best way to solve this problem as soon as possible. If our organizations have serious issue or problem, we already know how to solve those problems because we always thinking about how to solve the problems. 2.0 Conceptual definition 2.

1 Introduction Based on the article, the work-family conflict is an inter-role conflict which is it form when an individual have one role or more and it is sets of opposing pressures arise from participation in different roles such as the role pressures from the work and family domains are mutually incompatible in some respect and it occurs because as a human, we not possible for satisfy all expectations of our work and family roles because every role need our time, energy and commitment. Based on the Greenhaus & Beutell, 1985, “work-family conflict is a form of inter-role conflict that occurs when the energy, time, or behavioral demands of the work role conflicts with those of the family role”. The demands and expectations of work is often conflict with those of the family such as in a family, parents always busy with their work and always back home late so they don’t have time to communicate with their children and the bonding between them will become problem.

This article mentions three types of work-family conflict which is time-based conflict, strain-based conflict, and behavior-based conflict. First is time-based conflict is happened when the time devoted to one role makes it difficult for the individual to participate in the other role. An example might be during weekend, parents cannot spend time with their children because conflicts with an important meeting at work or the parents must go outstation for meeting. So, the conflict in family will be occurring.

Work-family conflict is positively related to the number of hours worked per week more than the number of hour spent with their children.Second is Strain-Based Conflict is one of the effect to the work-family conflict. This is because there are many factor that agree about work stressors will produce strain symptoms such as tension, anxiety, fatigue, depression, apathy, and irritability and it occurs when have pressure in one role constrains individuals’ ability to perform another role.

For example an individual who are exhaustion and anxiety from work will release their feeling toward their family. Lastly, Behavior-based conflict occurs when behavior patterns related to work and family are not match. This is because most of the scholar agrees that behavior-based work-family conflict may not be suitable to most occupations. 2.2 Problem solvingIn this article, the work-family need be solve by take a response to the conflict situation is made. This means the person need to respond to the conflict immediately before an attribution of interference can be made.

For example, a person who responds to simultaneous role pressures by focus more time to work and ignoring their family is likely to perceive that work interfered with family. Had the response to the conflict been different such as during weekend they should spend time with the family go to picnic and not attending meeting.Other than that, Support from significant others is related to work-family conflict. Moreover, recent research indicates that emotional support is important for women and men although it may take different forms, it is likely that spouse support is important for one-career households as well as two-career households.

Besides, the support from the social also important and it more thorough specification of the support process is required.There have two ways social support related to the work-family conflict. First is supportive members of a person’s role set may directly reduce certain role pressures and more flexible expectations for in-role behavior. The second way is social support may decrease the level of relationship between work-family conflict and psychological well-being.2.

3 Small Group CommunicationSmall group communication is about a group where it have more than two persons at least three and the maximum around twelve to fifteen members and in the group they will exchange their information face to face and small group communication is an internal communication and interpersonal communication. A group that only two members or more than fifteen members would not come in the category of a small group because if the large number of members in the group the needs higher tolerance for group takeover of administrative tasks and more trouble achieving consensus.Family members also can be categorize in this type of group if the quantity of the family member more than two and not exceed fifteen members. Family is one of the good examples to small group communication because of in family we will solve the problem or give information by face to face discussion. In this small group communication can handle the family conflict by having good communication among of the family members.

All the member understands with their role, so the family conflict can be solve.In interpersonal communication, we spend most of our time building relationships with other family member because it can reduce loneliness, gain knowledge about all the family members such as their attitude and share their problem to maximize pleasure, minimize pain. The importance of the small group communication can help family to solve family conflict because in the small group communication is more efficient that the large group team communication.

3.0 Factors that affect family conflict. i. Parenting issuesThe decision to possess kids is vital and changes a human life forever.

While sometimes pleasing, parenting may also be sophisticated, tiring and stressful. Parental selections are essential, long-lived and may cause arguments. Conflict will occur when a couple is unable to conceive or once a man and women disagree regarding whether or not to possess kids. These parents might disagree over several problems, one in every of the foremost common is family discipline and the way to line rules for kids.

Some conflicts happen as a result of one or two conceives unexpectedly and isn’t ready to possess a family. They might disagree regarding a way to discipline their kids or a way to handle a physical, mental, and emotional or upset in a disability kid. And once one partner’s parenting vogue differs wildly from the other’s and it will cause frustration and should even drive parents apart, to not mention produce a confusing surroundings for children to grow up in. In these situations, the best way to resolve these solutions is by counseling. ii.

Finances and jobsOne of the major supply of family conflict is at intervals the real of finances specifically, the lack of enough cash to maintain the properties or rent, pay bills, alternative wants, have any remaining cash for recreation and obtain comfortable food. A few could feel engulfed by the number of cash they owe, that affects what quantity they’ll afford to try to or obtain things for the family. Monetary stress can even occur once a husband and wives disagree concerning about how, where or when cash is spent. Job or career could contribute to conflict at intervals a family. When job keeps him off from home most of the time, the wife at home with their children typically feels neglected or engulfed.

Conversely, if the parent got fired, this will lead to its own sort of stress and conflict, as finances lessen and uncertainty sets in concerning the long term.iii. Family argumentThere are numerous issues that cause arguments in families, including everything from quarrels over whose turn it is to do the dishes to children failing to live up to their parents’ expectations. However arguments are an inevitable a part of family life. Some specialists even believe arguments are essential, since kids learn to voice out their opinions.

Whose responsibility it is to do the housework can be a particular cause of tension and resentment in couples as well as a family. One survey even suggests that actually sharing of home chores is one in every of the highest-ranking success in marriage. Another cause of family conflict is the sibling’s rivalry. Children typically seek their parents’ attention.

Whether a toddler expresses jealousy of her relative, competes with him or teases him non-stop, it is destined to cause conflict. Each kid deserves an equal quantity of parental love and acceptance, however generally a parent could favor one kid over another. This merely intensifies the conflict.iv. Communication skillsDo you remember when the last time your family had a proper meaningful conversation? If you cannot remember I can say that your family had a chances suffering from a lack of communication. The Huffington Post article “Divorce Causes: five Communication Habits That result in Divorce ” describes many communication problems which will cause conflict, like voice communication one thing you do not mean, doing the alternative of what you say, interrupting and focusing on the negative.

When couples or families fail to speak effectively, arguments erupt more quickly and easily. Mixed messages and lack of understanding between couples or parents and youngsters causes tension. Research suggests parents from families with poor communication skills square measure less doubtless to mention they’re on the point of each other.

There’s conjointly proof that adolescents from families that communicate negatively square measure a lot of doubtless to suffer from depression and anxiety.v. In law and extended familyWhen you truly get involved in disagreements together with your in-laws or family unit, it is not a good thing. While it is preferable to respect your elders which are your parents and grandparents on both sides equally, this can prove to be challenging. If relatives like to interfere in your family’s decisions and lifestyle, conflict frequently results. According to MaritalHealing.

com, alternative reasons embody loneliness, selfishness and feeling unfulfilled by parenthood. Cheating typically leads to deep pain and distrust. A partner who learns her spousal equivalent has been unfaithful typically feels betrayed, angry and even embarrassed. The legal ramifications of adulterous affairs will considerably impact kids within the family, especially if a custody battle ensues.

Extended family members who supply support can also be affected.4.0 Techniques and strategies5.0 Suggestions / important of managing the family conflictFamily conflict is meaning that disagreement between parents, parent and child or other members of a family. So, what we need to know is some suggestion and important skills to manage the family conflict.

In order to maintain a good relationship with family member we need to know the ways to make a good relationship with family. There are some suggestion and important guideline that need to know to manage the family conflict.The first suggestion is make your relationships between family members is a priority. Its considerable lot of us lead extremely bustling lives with bunches of obligations.

We need to attempt to set aside a couple of minutes every day to go through with your family, talking, perusing a story or making supper together. At the point when kids see you making connections a need, they discover that they are imperative to you and feel cherished. Besides that, we need to take care about our family member in all the time. We need to communicate with them to know their daily life situation story.Second suggestion is communicate effectively with family member.

This is because communication effectively can get the idea of family member. For example we can know what they really need and want or some problem they face. Throughout the communication with family member we can give the idea and advice for family member as a guide how to solve the problems. So that they will not panic when face some problem.

Besides, good communication is important for healthy relationships and helps family members feel understood and feels like their family members support them in everything they do. A parent needs to have some quality time to communicate with their kids to share some information and hear all of their children’s problems. The third suggestion is work together as a family.

This is an important suggestion that can make a good relationship with family members. For example cooperation as a family helps everybody feel that they have something essential to offer. It’s additionally a decent open door for children to learn more extensive critical thinking and basic leadership abilities. Besides, if any problem occur in some member in that family, they can work together to give idea and contribution as support for their family member. So that, the problem will be easy solve it.

Last suggestion is provide support for each other in family. This is because the support from family is very important to help to solve the problem occurring in each other. For example we need to let family members know that you need to a help, provide idea to solve conflict. So we can get a better solution to solve these problems.

Nowadays, every people have their own family. However, to maintain a good relationship with family member is not an easy way. It’s really important to communicate with family member to maintain the relationship family in the long term period. In order to have a good relationship with family we need to know the important to manage the family conflict when the conflicts occur in family.

The first important to manage conflict with family is through communication .When conflict occur in family between members we need to communicate among the family member, so that we do not breakup our relationship in family. Besides that, we need to have the meetings with family to solve the conflict.

Through communication family will be more understanding about the conflict happened in family and it will be easier to settle the conflict occur. If all the conflict can be settled, it will make our relationship between families members was in a good condition. Second important is through cooperation with family. The cooperation among the family member is needed when the conflict happen in the family. If the family member willing to cooperate to stop argument with family, the conflict will be easily solve and each member in family really need to give a cooperation in order to manage the conflict that happen in the family. The good cooperation among family member will solve as fast as possible.

Lastly, the important is it can protect our own family image. If a family always has conflict, it would get attention from the public people and neighbor. This conflict will make the others people thinking bad about our family.

This will give the bad image from other people and comment on our family. Then, it’s really important for family not to have much conflict that happen in family. If the things can avoid argument or conflict try to communicate with family to solve it in an east way.

6.0 Conclusion.As a conclusion, conflict must be avoided at homes as it will only spoils the family members and only will give negative impact to the others family members. As we know, individuals will disrespect others to showing them about their dissatisfaction. So from that, it will only cause a negative impact. There are no respects among the family members and of course all of the family members will feels sad and so on.

Conflict management will prevents us from fall out between family members, relatives and so on. We don’t need to blame anyone else because this blame games will never help us but it will only makes our life more miserable. Problems cannot be solved if we only blame among each other’s.

Family is important in our life. We need to maintain a good relationship with family member to avoid conflict happen in family. A good family means the family that live their life happily without any conflict. If anything happen in the family, parents should play good roles to settle these problems.

Parents also should know the problem solving skill so that when conflict happen they already know how to manage and solved. We also need to know our roles and not to be selfish. If we have an argument with the other family member, we should try to control our anger by taking time to calm down ourselves first before us revisiting the issue. Lastly, the most important way to manage all of the conflict is communication. Communication is the key to handle all of the problems.


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