CONCLUSIONS to be done in the near future.

CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONSThis part of the report will include the conclusions and recommendations of our studies about the evolution of video games.CONCLUSIONS In conclusion, our report focused on how video games have evaluated, from the first level to the last in the next points.• • • • • • • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games that is actually the future of video games. Now days, electronic games have become one of the most important pillars that enter the income of the world. Everyone is interested about leaning how games today work, how they evaluated, and how did it get to the development of today. In our opinion video games in the next 30 years will develop a tremendous evolution. In the near future, VR/AR will occupy all markets and all games, meanwhile, today games will be forgotten, and every home will start using VRAR in their daily life. For example, Pokémon GO game had promoted users to have little experience about VRAR, and they enjoy it, in addition to that users expect companies to develop Pokémon GO game and make it more realistic, and to use more advanced system of VR/AR, so they can enjoy the fake reality.

RECOMMENDATIONS After studying the basis of VR/AR we have noticed some problems about VR/AR games, so we recommend the following actions to be done in the near future.1. After using a VR device for 30 minutes users need to take 10 minutes break, because VR being in the early stages of developments, and it causes a motion sickness. Our suggestion VR companies should trick the brain and make it feel like it is the actual reality. That can be done by improving sound system and quality, increasing the frame rate of the device, also creating more body movement.2. VR also will effect so many users health, for example , imagine if a user can go to the beach or start walking with their friends from their homes , this will cause a huge problem because VR creates experience as same as the reality, this problem will occur after a long time period, which is health problem.

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Users will not start to work out like they used to do, and that will lead to a health problem because they are not actually moving. We suggest in the future governments will have to put regulations on VR, so we can have healthy population. After studying and searching about video games, we have noticed that video games are becoming more popular and developing way faster than the past. In the near future, companies will start to compete each other, the most company will success in developing VR/AR games, might be the most popular company in the future. In addition, video games will have an enormous shift to a new future of entertainment.


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