Conclusion are there to solve the existing problem.

ConclusionThis research has been begun with the intent to seek a solution to the problem that we have observed from the environment. The problem that initiates to do this research is the unavailability of sufficient agriculture access channel in the agriculture sector. We have inspired by this problem and followed a scientific research method by asking three research question which enables to understand how the current agricultural sectors are operating and what other problems are there, and also what techniques and technologies are there to solve the existing problem.

Interview questions are designed in the way that enables to capture the real economic and potential capability of the agriculture to afford enough infrastructures to their customer and to seek other problems in the agriculture sector. After formulating the problem in agriculture sector, we have reviewed a number of journals and books to give a solution to the existing problem. When we have gone deeper into the study we could have seen other forces that make agriculture sector in Ethiopia to seek another computing strategy.

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The increment of computer hazards, technological changes initiates customer to use their device, involvement of redundant information, getting equal access in Ethiopia are some of the forces.The result obtained from the study shows that no single system in Ethiopia agriculture that can afford enough access channel to serve the farming community. Due to this insufficiency, there are some attempts to integrate the agricultural service that owned by a different organization like national meteorology agency, agricultural marketing, agricultural research and others. In these organization, we can observe that unnecessary duplication of efforts and there is no an integrated service that delivered for farmer. Even if challenges to integrate the agricultural services we could observe that there are also individual runs among the organizations that gives services for agriculture industry.

In this thesis, we have proposed cloud-based framework for integrating service related to Agriculture together which uses a public cloud deployment model to make access channels owned by different organization under Ethiopian agricultural sector that gives services for farming community and which shows how to use a single instance of software is shared by all organization under the sector. We have basically considering the integration of agricultural services which is using shared information and the semantic integrity which is based on the meaning of the shared information. Public cloud deployment model has less cost, offering the ability to scale up and down on demand and shifting infrastructure risks from the enterprise to the cloud provider, if even just temporarily. SaaS service delivery model which is installed on the virtual infrastructure is chosen.The prototype of the framework has been developed using ASP.

net platform which is powerful a multi-tier, scalable and security-rich platform. To implement the framework, we have used a separate database model by considering security.As many design research, the clear contribution of this thesis is a new framework which not ever been developed by other researcher and that enables to integrate agricultural services and to share a single agricultural sector software. 7.2. Future WorksIn this thesis the problem raised and the question asked has been answered and the framework which enables to achieve integrity been designed.

We forward some research ideas as a future work to make the framework more reliable.? Since cloud computing needs fast and secure network connection; hence workability of the framework on current Ethiopian internet connection should be tested.? Since security is issues public cloud deployment model, comparative study between private, community cloud and a hybrid cloud is required by deploying both frameworks in test bed environment.


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