Concepts is subject to the value decision of

Concepts of waste are define sometimes seen as foundations of communication which are vague from perceptions and are used to express and transmit information (Nachmias 1996). In the face of the fact that much has been done about waste worldwide, the definition of waste is relatively uncommon in scholarly literature (Achor, Ehikwe &Nwafor, 2014). According to the World Bank (2000) waste is defined as “useless, un-used, un-wanted or discarded materials” (p. 2).

Waste can also be defined as any material having no direct value to the producer and so must be disposed of. The entire concept of wastes is subject to the value decision of the primary owner or potential consumer (Davies, 2004). Waste is therefore viewed as a discarded material which has no consumption value to the person abandoning it. Wastes include solids, liquids and gases (U.S.E.P.A, 2009

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