Computer by computers. it has already become an

Computer and Its Benefits A computer is an electronic machine that is used to take information. processing it to create new information (Wikipedia. nd) The earlier versions of computers were designed to work on the most basic tasks. However.

as technology started to evolve. modern day computers do a whole lot more. Computers have no doubt affected each and every aspect of our modern day existence, It is evident in aspects including office work. education. communication.

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business. accounting, shopping. as well as data storage. The Current age Of globalization Can be considered as a Consequence Of the age The computer and the Internet have influenced our way of working, learning.

communicating, storing information. writing. and even playing. NO question that computers are being used in every little sphere in our life these days.

Due to the advantages introduced by computers. it has already become an essential household item. serving as an indispensable device. With a computer. you can stay connected With family and friends from different places Of the world through the Internet. It also makes things easier.

from banking to investment. and working too. Computers have made the world a smaller place.

Businessmen can nc».v conduct business with their partners wherever they may be in the globe. and talk with them real-time. This cuts expenses on traveling. While achieving the same output planned. Computers have also taken the world of education and learning, In fact. some schools and universities now introduce online education, allowing students to continue learning without having to be present in an actual classroom.

Computers also play a Vital role in Health Care Systems 2013), In fact. there are Ways in which technology using computers have transformed health care for the better. This is something that we should all be thankful for, because with every advancement we experience.

it makes our lives easier and more convenient.


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