Compounds out abandon, put an end to z-out

Compounds can be created from individual words of various parts of speech. Probably the most common type is NOUN NOUN pattern: hometown, boyfriend, music box, tennis court, etc. Other popular and ordinary parts are ADJECTIVE +NOUN pattern: short story, heavy water, heavy traffic, big toe, etc, and NOUN VERB pattern: placekick, home run, baby- sit, clockwork or heart attack, etc. The ordinary processes of compounding are a major source of new words in slang. The WORD WORD structure for many slang items is obvious and the meaning can be easily derived from the parts: dough- brain someone who acts stupidly or as if not thinking”, all-nighter “a session of studying or writing that lasts all night” or do- right a helpful deed”.

A very large number of verbs in slang are formed by the addition of a short and invariant word like out, on, up or off to a word of any part of speech: “criticize”, yup love, hug, comfort”. mommy ignore responsibility, beam out “daydream”, blow out “shock. embarrass” bomb out fail, perform poorly”, check out ook at, scrutinize chill out relax, calm down”.

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burn out become mentally or physically exhausted jell out “relax by doing nothing”, lay out sunbathe rag out become tired”, rock out play music loudly”, tang out abandon, put an end to z-out “go to sleep”, phase out “become unaware, as if asleep”, etc.The most frequent pattern of clipping is the loss of sounds from the ends of words. The most common pattern is back-clipping, in which the beginning of a base lexeme is retained (lab from laboratory, exam from examination, doc from doctor, pop from popular music, zoo from zoological garden). Other patterns are fore-clipping, in which the final part of the word is retained (phone from telephone, chute from parachute, pike from turnpike, gator from alligator), middle clipping in which the middle part of the word is retained (flu from influenza, tec from detective), and complex clipping or clipped compounds in which one part of the original compound most often remains intact (cablegram from cable telegram, op art from optical art, orgman from organization man).Clipping is also common in slang. They are primarily shortenings of nouns and adjectives: coke from cocaine, cred from credit/credibility, crim from criminal, fave from favourite, hyper from hyperactive, bro from brother, ped from pedestrian, rehab from rehabilitation, skell from skeleton, scally from scallywag, etc.

Blending is a combination of shortening and compounding, the process of blending puts together pieces of words and their meanings. Thus brunch is formed from breakfast and lunch and means “a meal that combines breakfast and lunch Blending slang though is not much but they are still popular in used: buel body t fuel) to eat voraciously”, droned (drunk t stoned) unaware because of alcohol or drugs”, froyo( frozen yogurt), polislide (political science t slide)” easy political science course”, etc.


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