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Additionally, why would a company need to create a master budget? What are the advantages and disadvantages? SAC 561 Week a-Team Assignment – Guillemot Furniture Store Analysis Learning Team: Guillemot Furniture Store Analysis You are the analyst for Guillemot Furniture Store. You have been asked to revise the Flex Budget using Excel for the Store. Assume Guillemot continues doing business as is. The budget time frame should be for each month for a one-year period.

Please show the flex budgets for each month based on production and sales for those months.Submit your budget to the store manager with no more than a 700-word write-up for the budget. The write-up must include risks associated with sales forecasts and an analysis of ethical considerations in the preparation and subsequent use of the budget. Consider how the organization’s code of ethics requires an ethics analysis for any performance tool. Format your paper according to PAP standards. SAC 561 Week 4-SQ 1 & 2 SAC 561 Week 5-landfill Assignment Individual Assignment: Text Exercises – Text Exercises Complete the following Problem Sets from the text.

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Show your work. EXCEL Application Exercise 12-59, Allocating costs using Direct and step- Down Methods, on p. 584 Question 13-83, Comparison of Variable Costing and Absorption Costing, on p. 617 Question 13-45, Variable and Absorption Costing, on p. 621 SAC 561 week 5-SQ 1 & 2 SAC 561 Week 6-Team Assignment – Guillemot Furniture Store Paper Learning Team: Guillemot Furniture Store Paper use the Guillemot Furniture Store Scenario for this assignment and write a 400 + word paper, explaining the following.How do the cost relationships and behaviors at Guillemot determine decision-making prerogatives for the manager? What control system might Guillemot use to help them achieve their organizational goals? Provide a break-even analysis on the current situation considering the possible effects of selling the flame-retardant separately. This must be presented in at least one table.

Compute the return on investment, residual income, and economic value added for the current situation. Format your paper according to PAP standards. SAC 561 – POP.

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