Comparative analysis among five banks:For the analytical purpose, with the major bank-from public sector “Janata Bank Limited (JBL)” which on basically the report has been conducted, another four banks has been picked from other two segments. From private sector Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) which one is considered as the pioneer in online banking in Bangladesh has been selected. From other local commercial banks Dhaka Bank and Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) have been selected and from foreign bank Standard Chartered Bank Limited (SCBL) has been chosen.Particulars JBL DBBL Dhaka Bank EBL SCBLNo.

of branches 898 96 83 49 25No. of ATM 20 1295 24 74 48No. of branches having SWIFT code 45 12 19 23 17Core banking software JANBBDDH Flexcube Flexcube Oracle Flexcube UBS eBBSOnline banking software T24 Flexcube Flexcube Flexcube iBankingMobile banking software J smart CISCO System IVRVarious cards Q-cash ( Debit and credit card) Card Suite (AIX, Oracle) CARDPRO Trans Maser for prepaid debit and credit card eCAPS Source: Respective Banks website

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