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Company Profile Nurturing GrowSunway Berhad began off as a private constrained foundation, Sungei Way Holdings Sdn Bhd, in the tin mining industry on 26 January 1978. Author and Chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah’s vision moved the organization’s following wander into development, exchanging and producing, quarrying, property advancement and building materials. The business had its offer of mishaps yet won and developed from quality to quality. Enduring development for the business in this manner prompted the organization’s posting on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia on 16 February 1984 as Sungei Way Holdings Berhad. The organization changed its name to Sunway Holdings Incorporated Berhad on 13 December 1999 preceding at long last accepting the name of Sunway Property Berhad in 2007. The sister organization of Sunway Holdings Berhad, Sunway City Berhad, was set up on 13 July 1982, to benefit from the flourishing property improvement scene in Malaysia. The organization, initially joined as Sri Jasa Sdn Bhd, grasped its formative and transformational stage what’s more, effectively rose as a property behemoth.

It spearheaded the idea of the main coordinated resort city through Sunway City, changing what was before a forsaken tin-mine into one of the area’s best tourism spots today. Fuelled by its yearning to wind up an incorporated land combination, the organization kept on assisting incorporate premiums in property improvement, property speculation, accommodation, medicinal services and recreation. On 8 July 1996, Sunway City Berhad achieved the turning point of being recorded on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. In 2010, the solidification of both Sunway Holdings Berhad what’s more, Sunway City Berhad was started to set up a revived front as a property-development mammoth, situating the gathering to go up against more sizable point of interest ventures.

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This practice was effectively finished with the posting of Sunway Berhad on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 23 August 2011. On 19 September 2014, Sunway Group declared expectations to re-list its development division on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. Following the declaration, the Group experienced a rebuilding activity to arrange Sunway Development Sdn Bhd held by Sunway Holdings Sdn Bhd to Sunway Construction Group Berhad (;SCG;). SCG was effectively recorded on 28 July 2015, drawing in a market capitalisation of RM1.6 billion, positioning it as the second biggest Initial Public Offering on Bursa Malaysia in 2015. The extraordinary introduction of SCG has filled in as a confirmation of the ardent certainty financial specialists have in Sunway Group, regardless of the powerless local market at the time. SCG as an independent substance presently has the adaptability to investigate openings in the development business.

With Sunway Berhad keeping up a controlling stake of 54.4% in SCG, Sunway Group will keep on reaping the advantages of the cooperative energies created for long haul development.Harvesting SuccessThe present-day Sunway Group conveys enhanced organizations in related upstream and downstream fields, adjusted with foremost interests in property and development. Supplementing the centre organizations are the vital business units spreading over from relaxation, accommodation, quarry, exchanging, what’s more, fabricating, building materials for medicinal services. With each fragment being driving organizations in their individual fields, the enduring stream of profit adds to reliable yearly financial execution, the favourable position for the Group in weathering segment particular down cycles. Moreover, Sunway continually endeavours to achieve higher operational productivity, acquirement funds and treasury administration to circulate more prominent comes back to partners.

Sunway is extensively known for its unique incorporated plan of action, which covers the whole life cycle of property advancement from arriving managing an account and are intending to plan and development, promoting and deals, property administration and in conclusion to capital reusing by means of Sunway Land Investment Trust") ("endless supply of the properties. This separation allows the Group to have control over the advancement esteem chain of its properties, joining outline efficiencies and developments straightforwardly into the final results to include an incentive for property buyers. Sunway City is a key appearance of Sunway’s business claim as an ace network designer. Composed to combine eight primary segments of private, business, instruction, neighbourliness, retail, recreation, social insurance also, mechanical, this 800-section of land, Green Building Index (;GBI;) ensured economical township records in excess of 42 million guests every year.

More guests are foreseen with the incorporation of the country’s first lifted Bus Rapid Transit ("BRT") with the finished Light Rail Transit ("LRT") Kelana Jaya Line Extension, encouraging the consistent network to Sunway City. Furthermore, Sunway City is likewise the first township in Malaysia to win the Low Carbon City Award at the ninth Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) Awards for Arranging Excellence in 2016. Maintaining its way of life as a network developer, the biggest resource proprietor and co-speculator in its townships, Sunway keeps on growing its portfolio by reflecting indistinguishable plans of action in Sunway City Ipoh, Sunway Velocity in Kuala Lumpur and the up and coming Sunway Iskandar.

These point of interest improvements will keep on delivering supportable headway to the Group and its networks into the future.Sowing Seeds For The FutureFortified by an accomplished administration group, Sunway will keep on pushing limits in the nine parts it works in, all while carrying corporate social duties nearby the Group’s centre estimations of Integrity, Modesty and Excellence. In this viewpoint, Sunway Berhad has developed into a regarded association and stands among the best five biggest property stocks and best 100 biggest stocks in Malaysia with a market the capitalisation of RM6.

3 billion (around USD1.4 billion) as at 31 December 2016. Sunway Construction Group Berhad, being the recently recorded auxiliary is the biggest recorded unadulterated play development organization in Malaysia by income; while Sunway REIT, a 37.3%-possessed partner, is the second biggest REIT by property estimation with a sterling arrangement of developing resources.

The consolidated market capitalisation for all three organizations totalled up to RM13.1 billion (around USD2.9 billion) as at 31 December 2016. Upheld by a strong reputation for as far back as four decades, a demonstrated plan of action, proficient administration and a workforce of 15,000, Sunway Group is in a place of quality to go up against the difficulties in the commercial centre, in the arrangement with its vision of turning into the main territorial combination.VisionTo Be The Leading Regional Property-Construction Group Sunway Berhad (“Sunway”) holds leadership positions in a multitude of industries, chiefly driven by its core businesses of property development and investment; and construction.

With a vision of becoming the region’s leading property-construction group, we constantly innovate to deliver value, build synergistic and sustainable relationships and achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence.MissionInnovating to deliver value underpins our relentless efforts to drive positive and sustainable change in the way we work and operate to create values for all our stakeholders. Building synergistic and sustainable relationships is the bedrock of the company’s ethos of nurturing our people and developing meaningful relationships with external parties including our business partners and customers towards achieving business objectives, while keeping the interests of our stakeholders. Achieving the highest standards of quality and excellence remains a founding value that we uphold and are passionate about.

We make individual and collective efforts in aiming higher to achieve strategic business goals with a commitment to the best quality and excellence.Company Director : Chairman 1390650246380Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Fook Ling,AO EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN, NON-INDEPENDENT EXECUTIVE DIRECTORTan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Fook Ling, matured 72, is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Sunway Group, one of Malaysia’s most imposing property-development gatherings, with a huge number of built up organizations in additional than 50 areas around the world. A business and bookkeeping graduate of Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah started his profession as a bookkeeper at an engine gathering plant in Malaysia.

In 1974, he established and began Sunway Group. He has been given ten (10) privileged doctorates by driving colleges around the world. In 2007, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah built up the eponymous "Jeffrey Cheah Establishment" and in 2009, he exchanged the proprietorship of Sunway Education Group completely together with its auxiliaries worth more than RM720 million to the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation ("JCF"). Sunway Education Group includes, entomb alia, Sunway University, Sunway College, Monash University Malaysia, Jeffrey Cheah School of Prescription and Health Sciences and Sunway International School. JCF was authoritatively propelled by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on 18 March 2010 within the sight of its establishment’s supporter, His Royal Highness Sultan of Selangor. To-date, JCF has granted more than RM270 million worth of grants to a huge number of meriting understudies. In 2016, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah turned into the primary Malaysian to get the Singapore-based Channel NewsAsia Lifetime Accomplishment Luminary Award, in acknowledgment of his commitments to the business world and long lasting devotion to manageable advancement and training. In November 2015, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah was designated an individual from Putrajaya Higher Education Task Force for a time of 2 years to survey and change the higher instruction arrangement of Malaysia.

In August 2014, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah got a unique welcome to be an individual from the Global Advisory Council of Harvard University from The President of Harvard College. In acknowledgment of Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah’s proceeded with the promise to Harvard, he has additionally presented the enrollment on Harvard’s COUR-the Committee on College Resources, among a select gathering of sponsors, to reinforce college assets through the special power of altruism. Profile of BOARD OF DirectorS In October 2013, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah was given The Edge Malaysia Outstanding Property Personality Award 2013 for his commendable commitment to Malaysia’s property industry. His stalwart administration keeps on setting Sunway’s situation in the market as an inventive, trusted what’s more, trustworthy property player. With liberal enrichments, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah through JCF has manufactured scholarly ties with Harvard College in July 2013 to set up the Jeffrey Cheah Residency, the Jeffrey Cheah Funds for Southeast Asia Studies, the Jeffrey Cheah Visiting Professorship and the Jeffrey Cheah Travel Grants, in interminability. In February 2013, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah was presented the Honorary Assistant Commissioner of Police title by Malaysia’s Inspector-General of Police for his honorable endeavors in wrongdoing mindfulness and counteractive action as Chairman of Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (Selangor Chapter).

He got 2012 Honorary Gold Award, a best respect from the Royal Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur, in acknowledgment of his initiative and advancement of training and research in Malaysia. Preceding that, he was given the Honorary Individual 2012 by the Malaysian Scientific Association (MSA) for his exemplary commitment to the improvement of science instruction, and additionally for his general commitment in the progression of science and innovation in Malaysia. In December 2011, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah was selected to Malaysia’s instruction board to audit the country’s training framework by the Minister of Education. He is the Founding Trustee of the Board of Mahathir Science Award Foundation, Razak School of Government and the Perdana Leadership Establishment.

He is among Malaysia’s driving providers who made Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy list 2009. In 2008, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah was delegated Officer of the Order of Australia (;AO;) by the Prime Minister of Australia. AO is one of Australia’s most lofty and very respected honors presented to a non-subject of Australia. Around the same time, he was named Chairman of Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) Selangor Section, by the Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of MCPF Malaysia.

He is additionally the Chairman and Co-Founder of Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute ("ASLI").Company Director : Deputy Chairman 155257534925Tan Sri Datuk Seri Razman M HashimDeputy Executive Chairman, Non-Independent Executive DirectorTan Sri Datuk Seri Ramzan, matured 77, finished his initial auxiliary instruction in Australia. He contemplated keeping money where he turned into a Member of the Australian Institute of Bankers. He has over 39 long periods of involvement in the keeping money industry. Upon his arrival in Malaysia, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Ramzan joined Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad as an Officer Learner in 1964. All through his 34 long periods of keeping money involvement in Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad, he served with the bank’s workplaces in London, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 1994, he was selected as Executive Director/ Vice president Executive of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad until his retirement in June 1999. Around the same time in 1999, he was delegated as Chairman of MBF Finance Berhad by Bank Negara Malaysia as its candidate until January 2002 when the back organization was sold to Arab-Malaysian Group.

Tan Sri Datuk Seri Ramzan was delegated to the Board of Sunway on 17 June 2011. His directorships in other open organizations are Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, SILK Holdings Berhad, Berjaya Land Berhad, MAA Group Berhad, MAA Takaful Berhad and Mycron Steel Berhad. He is the Alternate Trustee to Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Fook Ling in Perdana Leadership Foundation.

Internal Auditor : President 1428750179705DATO’ CHEW CHEE KIN PRESIDENTNON-INDEPENDENT EXECUTIVE DIRECTORDato’ Chew, matured 71, graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (Honors) Degree from University of Malaya in 1974. He had gone to the Program in Management Development at Harvard Business School in 1980. Dato’ Chew began his profession as a Trainee Executive in UMW (Malaya) Sdn Bhd in 1974. Preceding joining Sunway Group, he was the General Manager of UMW (Malaya) Sdn Bhd.

He joined the Sunway Group in 1981 as the General Manager. In 1984, he was elevated to the Group General Manager (Operations) and was hence elevated to Deputy Group Overseeing Director (Operations) in 1989. In 1995, he was elevated to Group Managing Director and to President in 1999. He has over 30 years’ involvement by and large administration, quarrying, development, building materials, exchanging and fabricating organizations.

Dato’ Chew was selected to the Board of Sunway on 17 June 2011 and he likewise fills in as a Member of the Employees’ Offer Option Scheme Committee. His directorship in other open organizations are Gopeng Berhad and Sunway Construction Group Berhad.


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