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Nurses are the people who see to the daily care of patients.

Acting as a liaison between patients and doctors is a good way to assure safety because they trust us. A lot of times the patients do not know what questions to ask. After the group presentation I had two nurses relay what they learned too 2 patients who were on Commanding. One nurse explained it at discharge and another nurse educated upon admission. Mentioned further in this paper is the summary of my teaching plan, my rationale for this topic, community responses to the teaching, areas of improvements and strengths of my presentation.The rationale for choosing this topic is because heart disease is one of the eating causes of death in the world. I know people are aware of the disease but I wanted to talk more about prevention.

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77. 42% of adults over 60 use Commanding. In the major clinical trials of stroke prevention in trial fibrillation, it was found that warfare significantly reduces the risk of stroke. Aspirin alone (compared with placebo) provides a risk reduction of only about 22%.

Commanding provides a 45% decrease in all strokes and a 52% decrease in chemic strokes, compared with aspirin.The price of this clinical benefit is a 1. 7-fold increase in major bleeding ( Raced, 2010). Patients who are more than 75 years of age and have more than one risk factor, there is a huge difference between warfare and aspirin. Also chose a long-term care facility to teach because often times the elderly can not advocate for themselves. The nurses are sometimes one of the only people who can make critical medical decisions in terms of health and safety while staying in their scope of practice.

Nurses need to be competent and keep up with the fundamentals to safely complete the task or procedure.Whether it be checking for allergies, verifying the indication for he medication, or even questioning an order at times. At the beginning of the lesson, I asked if anyone knew someone personally who was affected by heart disease or stroke who was on Commanding. Many group members had a lot of input and knowledge, which was good because they were also able to contribute to educating others in the room. I felt the teaching presentation went smoothly.

Speaking in front of people was intimidating at first, but as I went on became much more relaxed as the audience became more interactive.I felt they were more receptive to the trial was giving them because I was from their community. It didn’t feel much like learning, but more as a discussion and sharing experiences until the word “quiz” was brought up. Got a great response from the community. People showed active participation through out the presentation and many even seemed eager to learn more. Their participation showed that they understood and were aware of the risk factors associated with Commanding and the need to monitor the labs for safety of the patient.Many individuals in the group verbalized they learned a lot at the end of the presentation. The teaching process taught me a lot about what was teaching by listening to other testimonies and experiences.

I feel my biggest strength was listening. Used this as my non- verbal communication technique and it worked well. I also feel I did well because I was passionate about the topic. When relaying the information to the patients, advised the nurses to use Layman’s terms and speak in a tone so that the patient can hear and understand what is being said to them.There is always room for improvement. Next time, I will skip the quiz and maybe pass out a word search. The word “quiz” is never any fun.

A word search, trivia game, or a fill in the blank exercise is a fun way to identify factors involved with Commanding therapy and heart disease. The pens were a great way to incorporate a resource for a Commanding clinic to the teaching project. The pen has a heart at the top and also has the phone number listed on it, if anyone should need more information on the medication. In my proposal, I estimated that my presentation would take 25 min.

It took 35 minutes due to the amount of questions and discussions about the topic. My goal as a nurse is to help people through education and motivation. I feel I was confident in my presentation, as I was knowledgeable in the information I was delivering. The proposal definitely set the foundation needed to give a successful presentation. I was also complemented on the color in the brochures I handed out. The provider stated that it was clear and concise and easy to read. Nurses understand each others terminology because we were all trained for it.We need to always consider patients and be mindful of explaining what is being said so they don’t feel inferior.

When sending someone home on Commanding It is our job to assess the person’s vying conditions and other variables in their lives, such as the environment, to better promote safety. The nurse who did the teaching with the discharge patient asked additional questions such as, do you wear glasses? Have any pets? Live alone? Do you drive a car? Who will be taking you to have your labs done every week? These are all necessary to know whether the patient is safe to go home under these circumstances.If the patient feels comfortable with the nurse, they will be open and honest and allow us to help them with any obstacles that may arise. Our patient for instance needed transportation set up every week to get the the doctor. The patient did not want to burden anyone with “his problem.

” A lot Of times, we wont know if we don’t ask. Social services was able to set up dial a ride for the patient in this instance. A lot of times these patients just want to go home and say they understand when they really don t. As soon as we meet a patient, we are immediately collecting information from them, whether it be objective or subjective.We use this information to evaluate the ability of that person to manage their own care, ND are then able to make clinical judgments about individual, family, or communities’ response to health problems or life processes. Every individual has different needs and it is our job to address them accordingly. Stay active. Exercise is important to your health.

Think about the sports and activities you like doing. Do they put you at risk for injury? If so, try another activity and use protection to keep you safe while you are doing it. For example, if you like to ride your bike, be sure you wear a helmet and gloves.

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