Community Corrections Paper essay

The erection programs may also assist to house defendants who have been committed to non-violent, or non-risk offenders and whom have severed only a short time sentence.

Community corrections also insist of a non- monitoring of the offenders with electronic monitoring or day reporting to even housed arrest. Community corrections affect and also mi minimize the amount of classed and rehabilitation of offenders. The recidivism rate is higher as community corrections affect the wants and need of the offenders corrective behaviors and with these programs, they make more profit when he offender cannot complete the programs which are put in place.

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In simple term they make profit off the failure of a host of people who enter into the community of corrections. In the long run this cost the taxpayers more money in paying for the repeat offenders in which the community corrections insist of them completing. The state is paid so much money per the housing of an inmate by the CA then in return the state gets charge mainly half of the dollar amount combined in which the most states pay the DOC. When this occurs CA lessen the amount of classes and rehabilitation the offender may receive.When this process comes in effect this makes the recidivism cost much higher, because this is what the CA is based upon.

In more word to be most understood this is also what the CA want because, the more offenders return the more profits will be made. The hypotheses to my knowledge about the community correction do have good and bad points. The pro side to this programs is having a program put in place has outstanding opportunity and challenging for the upcoming youth who committed a crime or mistake when they was young to have a new beginning o have a fresh start so to say.The cons side when an adult do something wrong he/she know their right and wrongs of the law. And if has an adult they keep making the same mistake of breaking the law over and over again. The need to be obtains and place in prison and does not need to be given the chance to community corrections.

This is a program to give positive second chances not just waste the time and opportunity to what need to be done. Having these programs put in place keep the resources at a cheaper cost to obtain the overcrowding in prison and jails and not to mention has we do now saving the taxpayers a lot of money.But let’s face the fact which is put in our face people take advantage of these programs and ruins the chance of opportunity for the offender who definitely need these programs to lead a positive life and realized their mistake, and tried to wrong their rights. Brazil in the years of January 2013 about twenty four Brazier’s in twenty seven states at least 218 inmates have been murdered and more than 12 inmates in this country die under suspending circumstances. In most ways like the united States overcrowding is a big ordeal also; there are perhaps 62 people n a cell built for about 12 inmates.

Most inmates sleep on the floor or just lead On the walls, because Of the tight fix in the cell. According to official figures, half a million inmate’s received care from 367 doctors in 2012. Fifteen gynecologist served 32,000 female prisoners, many of whom used bread to when they have menstrual cycle (www. Economist. Com). The rate in the Brazil prison’s do not have high skills nor take punitive out of the justice attitude towards criminal behaviors, their recidivism is an outstanding of 60% higher than of the united States.The prison System in the United States has its problems and concern, but let’s they do have laws and functions put in place so this would not happen that occurs in other countries.

During the research Europe country has a lower crime rate also Japan, the resources states that Unites States quickly place people in prison for their crime, but the United States also goes in many ways to help the offender to change and rehabilitate their ways of criminal thinking and behaving.In fact the United States has many minorities in the country in prison and they suffer from a many efferent disadvantages than the rest of the world, which consists of property, lower income and not to mention no and little education standards and no to not much health care and less job opportunities. Japan, executions which are still put in place is hanging, in the 21 first centuries, and the fact that the family member will not be notify until after the execution has been done.Japan in deed has a lower crime rate, but this is only because of the unjustified and humane way they treat their prisoners. The United States laws and junctions and sanctions put in place by the congress and each state which has code and conduct to abide by. And if the United States was to treat their prisoners like animals and not human being would be a lot of lawsuit in place and much unrecognized order in the criminal justice system. One Of the main laws put in place so that the inmate to have life behind bars which was put in place in the 1 8th century by the Quakers.

There will always be an outstanding need to community of corrections now and in the future to come, having treatment programs put in place not to mention the psycho- pharmacological treatment in today society the changes in treatment has to e updated with the time in which crime changes with the time. Due to the harshness in the breakdown of the economy and jobs lost, and entering back into the same environment there will always be crime on the rise and a great down fall in the system.With this happening and occurring Community Corrections will always be needed to establish groups and programs put in place to help the offenders to stay employed or give them the resources to find the help they required, while they are severing out sentencing and keeping the prison in becoming much overcrowded than they already are. Having the treatment programs or groups come to the offender’s home would be a good idea this will make sure the offender gets the counseling he/ she needs.

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