Communities for CIS to be a leading

Communities in Schools
(CIS) is the largest dropout prevention organization in the United States. For
over 32 years, CIS has remained focused on helping kids stay in school and
prepare for life by identifying and addressing the unmet needs of children and
families. When these needs are left unanswered, they contribute to the dropout

Since 1996, CIS of
Richmond has worked with Richmond Public Schools (RPS) to coordinate services
that impact schools, students, and communities. With a presence in 40 Richmond
City and Henrico County K-12 schools, CIS of Richmond provides intensive,
case-managed services that help students choose success by
ensuring their access to the Five Basics:

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place to learn and grow?
relationship with a caring adult?

start and a healthy future?

skill to use upon graduation?

to give back to peers and community?

In 2006, CIS National
issued a call to all affiliate offices to become independently incorporated.
The structure supports a design of state CIS organizations working with
independent local organizations by providing training, support, and best
practice research aligned with the CIS Functions. On July 1, 2007, CIS of
Richmond became an independent 501(c)3 organization with a strong,
community-focused volunteer board of directors.?During
the transition to independence, the CIS of Richmond Board of Directors
committed to a plan to invest in Richmond Public School sites where a CIS
relationship existed and to focus on the delivery of quality programs and
services using the national best practices supported by 32 years of
service-delivery and research.


Statement of Need

in Schools (CIS) of Richmond is operating in 40 schools in poor neighborhood in
Richmond city and Henrico county. CIS of Richmond is investing in quality programs and
extensive wrap-around services for Richmond Public School (RPS) students. Our
vision is for CIS to be a leading coordinator of wrap-around resources for
Richmond Public School students, ensuring that all students are engaged at school
and positioned for the personal success of high school graduation and beyond. CIS of Richmond helps bring community resources to public and
charter schools for easy accessibility.


 Last year, 23,313 students were directly connected to
resources: 3,387 of those students received intensive case-managed services. Also,
63% improved attendance, 80% improved behavior, 71% improved course performance
and 92% of eligible seniors graduated. We need your foundation as a partner in
philanthropy and as a partner in guiding long term strategy to ensure that CIS
of Richmond
has the financial and volunteer resources that we need to make a difference in
the lives of Richmond’s youth. Studies have shown that, one in every four students
is likely to drop out of school. The vision is bold but it is an investment in
our kids, our community, and our economy. if these students are not given an opportunity
to stay in school they are, as studies show, more likely to be truant and drop
out of school


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