Communication Process essay

Complete the table below. Review the steps of the communication model. Describe each step using your own personal or business example in paragraph form.

Review pp. 10 & 1 1 of Ch. 1 of Business Communication Today for more information. Steps of Communication Model personal or Business Scenario 1. Sender has an idea.

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My husband own’s his own landscaping business and we were thinking of ways to advertise for the fall season. came up with an idea about how to advance the way he advertises verses just posting something on craigslist.This step is all about starting with an idea. 2. Sender encodes the Idea in a message. This steps is about how you communicate your idea.

I did this by sitting down with him and explaining how we could make adds that includes not only services he provides but pictures of his work as well that would be appealing to future clients. 3. Sender produces the message in a medium. The medium of communication that was used in this process was non- personal. We made up the ads and then decided to post them electronically.

4. Sender transmits message through a channel.The channel we decide to use was the internet as a way to communicate by posting ads on social media sites such as facebook, sites like craigslist, as well as the company’s personal webpage. 5. Audience receives the message.

This is when the message reaches the intended audience and you hope they understand your message in its entirety. When making these ads we had to make sure that they would be properly read as well as catchy in order to capture the eyes of future clients. We also had to make sure that our ads tood out better than the competitiors. . Audience decodes the message. The way the audience will decode the ads would be to understand its meaning. Telling them the services that my husband provides as well as some deals we may be running at the time.

This is when the audience will decide how they will respond to what it has just read or seen. 7. Audience responds to the message.

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