Communication care plan, this allows me to understand

Communication is a two-way process. It is the way in which information, whether facts or feelings, is shared. Information can be sent orally, in writing and through body language.

It is vital to find out individuals’ chosen method of communication as they have the need and right to express themselves through their preferred format. If you are trying to identify individuals’ communication preferences and needs there are a number of ways that this can be achieved. Accessing their care plan to check and comply with the tailored detailed assessment of the individuals preferred communication method. For example Mr. Jarette is one of my residents.

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He is Chinese and has had a stroke in the past which severely affected his speech. He understands English but find it difficult to respond. To communicate he uses his hands and eye contact. So by conforming with the his care plan, this allows me to understand him and how to deal with him.

Speaking to the individual them self (if they are in a position to tell you). Getting guidance and support from the Nurse In Charge, the individual’s family can also provide valuable information and the individual’s friends if they are involved in their care. This is all done in keeping in line with the rules that govern recording-keeping, confidentiality and consent.


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