Communication essay

By this I mean the communication could be professional (formal), personal (informal) verbal or nonverbal. There are naturally many reasons why people communicate for ex ample we communicate to express our feelings, emotions, opinions, wishes, needs and preferences.

We communicate to make and develop relationships,to obtain and share info urination between colleagues,to give and receive support when required to ensure a co annuity of care for the service user, and also to make staff aware of the current needs of the individual they support.I think communication affects relationships in many ways in an adult social c are setting. For example with colleagues, the manager, supervisor,parents or family members ,visitors , medical , social workers and more important the service user. This is why fee active communication is a must in my role, in order to work effectively with the serve CE user and their families, and so that we can plan for and meet their needs, it is essential to establish good relationships with a range of people.

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Effective communication is a two y process, this can be through body language, facial expressions, tone Of voice and respect a re all parts of communication. If we listen to others while we speak we will have their respect and we show respect to them while listening. Showing respect in communication is nesses ray with regards to people and the service users who have a different culture from us. So in any communication, whether verbal or nonverbal we must put everything in count ext. We must also remember to show understanding and honesty apart from respect in rod err to have a successful conversation.So I don’t have to agree with others at all times, but must show respect to other people’s views and opinions, not pass judgment or believe n stereotypes based on gender, age, color or ethnically background. Effective and good com ammunition means I’m able to get on well with colleagues, service users as it builds up tea morrow and creates an easier environment to work in, building relationships based on true SST as it is essential that the individuals I support trust me as I’m working very closely wit h them to improve their lives and providing personal care, carrying out intimate tasks.Effective communication is a two way process and happens when the right m teeth is being used.

Therefore it is essential to establish an effective way to communicate WI the individuals to find out their wishes and preferences. Len my role I work with people from a diverse range f backgrounds who communicate in different ways. So it is absolutely assents al I find out about each individual’s language needs, wishes and preferences as well as did notifying if there is a problem which could be something minor like wanting a different to p to something more serious like a safeguarding concern.One way to establish a service user’ communication and language needs would be by reading reports and notes a bout service users that provide information on speech and language issues, learning edifice elites, disabilities for example hearing or visual impairment or physical conditions s such as a stroke, hat may affect their ability to communicate. L could also speak to the service user directly and ask the individual how they would like to be addressed , a simple but off active way of encouraging them to take control and validate their wishes.They may be able to answer questions about their care but it is important to monitor responses and behave virus as individuals may say something but clearly show in their body language or ton e of voice that they are uncomfortable discussing it. L could also ask my supervisor, senior SST oaf or professionals such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapist s and social errors for information, advice and support about how best to communicate with adults who have special communication needs.Finally,speaking with family, friends and c leagues that know the individual well can also provide information about the best ways to communicate with an individual.

I also think that an individual’s culture, ethnicity and nation laity may affect their language preferences and needs,so by using good communication skills it would help me to support the service user to make choices about how I provide them wit h the support they require making them feel comfortable ,valued and respected in my preset once.There are many factors to consider when promoting effective communication , but some of the factors I would certainly consider when communicating verbally or non eve arable to my service user would be to take into account their preferences, beliefs, values a ND culture as each Individual is different and they have different ways of communicating. If rusty I would ensure the conversation took place in a comfortable environment for the the I individual as a noisy environment can hinder communication as it causes distraction or Fifth individual is in a public area they may not wish to talk about personal or sensitive topics.I w old then establish what communication aides the individual requires for effective com ammunition to take place. For example, individuals with speech impairment may prefer to war tie things down or use communication books as having aides available can help to make Indian duals feel valued and encourage communication. ‘ would consider the tone,pitch of my v ice and the use of language when talking to the service user, keeping sentences simple b UT without sounding patronizing.

If the individual is nonverbal I would concentrate on my body language,facial and hands gestures keeping eye contact with the specific India dual I’m communicating with , demonstrating interest in the conversation. I also think when communicating with individuals with learning disabilities , it is very important to consider the use pictures or symbols. The use of touch and being observant and a good listener. Sometimes repeating what has been said to clarify it has been enders Todd can be very effective.

Finally giving the individual a smile and encouragement can hell p promoting effective communication because If the individual does not feel comfortable t hey will not communicate. Think it is very important to respond and observe the individual’s reactions w en communicating with them in a conversation because it validates them, their w sizes and preferences. By communicating and observing the individual I would be able t o notice his/ hers reactions towards the topic we’re discussing, enabling me to see if the in dividend is in distress,not happy or feeling uncomfortable.By responding to the individual I it will show that IM listening, showing interest in the conversation which will then show t hem that I understand what they are saying and interpreting it correctly. This would help the effectiveness Of the communication between me and the individual and it www old also help build a stronger relationship between us as the individual would feel support De and reassured avoiding the individual to become agitated or fearful.However, so empties the response does not have to be verbal, a simple thumbs up or nod can be seen communicating as long as both parts are aware of what is being discussed.

Some individuals from different backgrounds use communication methods in very different ways. This could be from coming from a different country, culture,religion, or social life, highlighting how vital it is to find out information about the individual’s back round. Could obtain this information from the client’s support plan,colleagues or family me members.

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