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The staff will need to give the learners instructions so they can understand why certain situations could arise i. . Fire drill then they will know what to do and where to go. In order to work effectively with the learners and their families, it is essential o establish good relationships with a range of people. Relationships and communication skills go hand in hand. People who have good communication skills are likely to have a strong relationship with the learners, parents and other adults. This is because relationships are influenced by the body language, facial expression and ways in which others listen and talk to you that are the way they communicate. Old establish a learner’s communication and language needs by reading the care plan for the individual by looking in their file, which is electronically stored, and password protected for data protection.

Also would speak to my colleagues to see how the best was to approach the learner or how he would like to be called or talked to or even give the family members a call if they where not around at the time. Also I would even talk to the learner them self and ask them how they would like to be called by either by using visual aids i. . Picture/letter cards, megaton. Factors you could consider when communicating effectively with others could be their age.

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If you are trying to communicate with children, you could use body language and get down to their level, also while gauging their own motions, then you can respond appropriately. Get the most important this is to show the person that you are listening so that they know that you want to listen and also interested in what they have to say, but remember to talk slow.While when communicating with an adult it is slightly different as you could talk a lot quicker, the most important thing is a good eye to eye contact and facial expressions which will help you in your conversation.

However, always remember to give the person time to respond, as some people take longer to reply than others. You could also conceder using letter cards or stricture cards if this helps. Arrived on shift and went into handover to; I could find out what has happened or if there was any issues from today.I then proceeded to make my way upstairs to go and see “HCI &JS” to see how they both where and if they would like a hot or cold drink etc. Firstly spoke to “HCI” as asked him would he like a drink then the begin to show me the megaton sign for tea & biscuits, then after en had finished I repeated verbally and said would you like a hot drink then smiled at me and nodded his head. Then said k come and show me what cup you would like to use if you have a favorite cup. I then went to see “AS” who was in his bedroom and I introduced my self as I had not met him before and asked him would he like a drink hot or cold.

He then responded with cold verbally and I asked would you like come biscuits with that he replied yes. I then asked him to come with me and show me where his things where. Got him to help me make it then I asked him where would you like it he replied in my bedroom please. He then verbally asked would you please send “BRB” up to see me please, I replied yes will do then, when she has finished with the learners down stairs I will get her to pop up to see you e then said thank you and smiled.Most communication can be in different ways/methods, people could use body language and facial expressions to express what they would like to do or need. People in general show their personality and this will help them communicate between them and others around better. Some people from different backgrounds of different people can cause misunderstandings while using communication however, this will be able to be interpret the communication they’re using by using hand gestures, facial expressions or even body language however, someone’s personality can also affect the way mom individuals communicate. i.

E. If a person talks quiet or if they have a different accent or not talking clearly. The confident of a person could also affect how the person communicates. Some barriers to effective communication could be: Emotional difficulties: you might have family problems or problems with a loved one i. E. Separation Health issues: long-term illness such as Parkinson or dementia, feeling ill.

Environment problems: being moved to a new place or change in environment, if someone is in a wheel chair they will find it hard to talk to a receptionist at a doctors, hospital for instance if it is too high for hem. Sensory deprivation: this could be a visual or a hearing loss, or even too much of a sensory input. Foreign language: when someone speaks a different language, They may not be able to make any sense of information they are being given by someone trying to help them if that person does not speak their language.Distressed: they may not listen properly and may get misinterpreted or not understand what is being explained to them Cultural differences: always beware of the persons difficulties when talking to them but always remember same people don’t like certain ways you talk to them i.

E. First name Ewing touched by someone whom your not related to or close to i. E. Friends if your male or female A different word means different meanings to different people. However, remember what subject that you are talking about.Some ways to over come barriers to communication are Different language: Always gave a positive smile when talking or making eye contact with the learner, you could also use hand gestures but remember to them big but calm ones so the learner/person don’t get confused with what you are trying to say. Also while talking to them show that you are interested in what they have to say with happy encouragement and even repeat their rods to make sure you have it right Body language: always use positive & strong but settle gestures i.

. Hand movements when showing items and avoid waving your arms around as this could be seen as negative/bad. Lack of concentration: if you are trying to tell a learner about a subject or a trip for instance show them picture cards, even moving pictures to keep their attention. Background noise: when talking to a learner try and keep the noise level to a minimum or even take them into a quieter room Physical disability. N you are trying to engage in a activity or meeting that has been arranged aka sure you take things into consideration like is the surroundings appropriate and accessible for the person you are with, hen talking also remember same body language may not be right for the person. With any of the communications always, remember to encourage positive behavior, which will then help the person/learner to communicate more better with you and will be more relaxed. Explain yourself clearly and calmly and ask someone to stay with you that know the learner.

You could even try leaving the learner for a little while & come back later if he/she is aggregated. Then try to explain again what your ring to say or even get someone to on your behalf as you could also be the problem There’s a number of services that you can get extra help & support if needed for any communication needs: Translation services interpreting services Speech & language services Advocacy services Megaton Induction loops Braille Most local government should offer most of these services and support or you could even contact you local professionals i. . GPO, Social Worker to help you with these services and to get them put into place Confidentially is about respecting/protecting others peoples privacy & rights.

You may collect private, personal information from the learners, their relatives or from other professionals as part of your work. You have a duty to: Keeping personal information about anybody private as long as it does not put him or her at risk from harm. Only share information about the learner with those who have a right to know or if the person has given written permission to do so on their behalf.But always remember the data protection act 1 998 There are many occasions in my dad to day work when I need to share information regarding a learner, however, some of this information I can hare with my work colleagues without breaching the learners confidentially because everyone that I work with needs to know about each learner but only limited information with in reason some of the places I cloud do this is: Handover with the office door shut so that no one else can hear me.

Not talking to one learner and then passing on to another learner. When am filling in paper work, I would put the learners initials also do the same with email I may have to send.If any one calls for information regarding a learner, would have to say worry I can not give this sort of information out pending on what it is relating to, would ask them to ring back when a senior/manager is in or come in person so they could be anyone trying to get information Confidentiality & disclosing is a legal requirement as Confidentiality is very highly regarded & disclosing of certain information is vital as a professional / care worker, before passing on any private information you must get permission from the person or a person that is acting on behalf of that person: Manager: they may need to make or take decision for the well-being of those learners. Staff other workers they may need to have certain information concerning the learner that they will be looking after so they can do their “duty of care” for the learner, this can be done in handover at the start and end of every shift. It is important for everyone to handover any information within reason to the next staff so they can look after that persons well-being.

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