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Second would be using the online store to obtain the same information plus more because it has shipping details as well stored on there for sales being made. Thirdly being able to take both Of those attacks and further them by tracing bank accounts and credit accounts to gain access to unlimited amounts of money from the store, clients, and employees. As for techniques and processes think it’s best to have constant 100% all time security on guard such as protection services, cameras, guards, etc.This is in place to mainly guard the physical stores from theft of products and other suspicious persons, for the online part you can have firewalls, passwords, account information, plus much more to protect and Lockwood all he accounts and sales information behind multiple walls to safeguard it from unwanted eyes. It’s always best to have daily checks into security details and scans of the system to make sure nothing was attempted to be accessed or was accessed, this helps keep an eye out for weak spots in security and if one is found it helps get it fixed right away before anything major can happen.This can be managed either by personal on site, or by hiring professionals to come in and set up the entire system and monitor it daily and alert if anything was to append to let the store know that something was attempted but failed and whatnot.

The biggest potential risk to their system is information loss through the online website, and product loss through the physical store.The best way to negate these is to have cameras set up, security in place for both such as guards, accounts/passwords in place to lock the information out of easy to obtain hands such as employees or hackers. The threats also can come from inside the system by employees so its best to have another system in place to pep higher level items behind higher level security and only assessable by the highest employees such as presidents, or owners, this information should be personal account’s that hold banking information and sales information both client and customer. Sing web components is always a really nice feature because it allows you to really expand your market out beyond that of a local store and helps bring in that much more money and customers, but also opens the doors to online hackers who are looking to cause trouble. The best way to protect against this s to have security in place such as firewalls, locks, account and password files locked up tight and secure with 1 or more passwords to access the higher level items to make sure attackers if trying to get in doesn’t have a very easy time trying.It can also help to have ID badges in place to scan as well to add an extra level of security that have random numbers per employee that will need to be entered because in most cases hackers would never be able to guess both a long range of numbers and a password before being caught and impolitely locked out of the system. Safeguarding against legal issues can either be easy or very hard depending on what information is lost and how much damage is done in the long run.

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Most companies don’t offer any sort of protection against loss of information in their stores because it either never happens or they expect you to just deal with the risk of convenience rather than paying with cash. I have come across a few stores willing to offer some sort of repayment or condolence if something were to happen and information be lost that was banking or arsenal as, granted it’s not the best way to handle the situation but it’s a start to show they do care about their system and customers.I would suggest an agreement be signed saying that if anything were to happen with their information then the company would repay all of the money back to the affected persons, or offer that much off in sales from the store so basically if $1 ,OHO was taken from a person than said person would either be repaid in full or have a gift card given to them in the full amount for the store.The biggest social data that can cause harm to an organization is being inline through social networking and being hacked into from programs accessed, or just being on websites that aren’t safe through the network itself and having someone hack in and gain access through the connection. Any access online that isn’t store related can cause issues to the store and anything the store is involved in basically because attackers can be hidden and waiting anywhere to gain access to weak spots, and vulnerabilities in Systems.Lastly for the regulatory requirements for protecting data of the organization, I feel that anything used by the organization to interact with linens, customers, or even its own employees should be illegal to give out or show anyone at all included its own employees because its personal and private information not meant for anyone other than the affected person.

Everyone has the right to protect and safeguard their private data no matter where it’s at and who is using it such as stores, doctors, etc.Saying this also means that once the store has this information it’s 100% illegal and punishable by law to show, give, or sell this information to other stores or persons. To protect said information its best to do regular checks on the system and constantly keep the system up to date to make sure everything is working its best to safeguard the system the best it can against anything.

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