Committee: to be vital in the capture and

Committee: Disarmament and International Security CommitteeAgenda: Establishment of Foreign Military BasesCountry: BangladeshThe establishment of foreign military bases is an essential thing to comprehend the sharing of power in spheres of influence in the world.

The usage of military power to use another nation’s land is not a recent practice, but it was since the 20th century with the World Wars, the subsequent rise of the USSR and the USA as superpowers, that the creation of overseas military bases has taken the form we are known to today. In view of a world troubled by widespread international terrorism, socio-economic instability, and socio-political conflict, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh recognises the grave necessity of foreign military bases (FMB) for countries and international organisations to: maintain and secure their overseas presence, assist their allies with the aim of combating international terrorism in the War against Terror, and allow governments in building stable, lasting institutions. Most importantly, the establishment of FMBs is essential to the common cause of nations in fortifying long-term regional security.The People’s Republic of Bangladesh considers FMBs as a priceless asset that contributes significantly to international peace, near and far. To reiterate the recipients of FMBs, Bangladesh’s delegation examines the US Bagram military base in Afghanistan, which proved to be vital in the capture and killing of the infamous terrorist leader of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden. The elimination of Osama bin Laden was a breakthrough in regional and international peace, an accomplishment impossible without the employment of FMBs by the United States in Afghanistan in the earlier Operation Enduring Freedom.

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Furthermore, the joint US-UK military base in Diego Garcias in the Indian Ocean, among other FMBs, has played a major military, strategic, and logistics role in the Afghan War in 2001. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh believes that the FMBs in the British Indian Ocean Territory, and later those established by the US government in Afghanistan, have an irreplaceable role to play in maintaining regional stability that is vital to nation-building and peacemaking.Looking into the Far East, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh again recognises the role of FMBs in maintaining East-Asian stability, particularly the military presence of US troops on Okinawa, Japan, Bangladesh’s long-standing ally and friend. Under the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security Between the United States of America and Japan (January 19, 1960), the government of United States of America is able to station troops on the island of Okinawa, which is crucial to check North Korean military ambitions, a major threat to the entire stability of East Asia.Nevertheless, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh determines and is troubled by the controversies and harms associated with foreign military bases. Facilitated by the FMBs there, US military presence in Afghanistan, another key ally of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, has been crucial in its post-war reconstruction.

Bangladesh is displeased by the tragedies associated with foreign military bases, most notably in the case of a massacre near a US base at Kandahar on 11 March, 2012, which led to 16 deaths. Such reckless killings have been well documented and are not limited to US military bases in Afghanistan. In October 2012, an US soldier stationed at Okinawa, Japan, has entered a resident quarter and sexually assaulted a woman. Such meaningless killings and crimes beyond understanding, such as those taking place in Afghanistan, have tainted relationships between Bangladesh’s allies and given ground to insurgent and terrorist fractions in the south-Asian region, directly harming the interests and well-being of south-Asian people and countries. Bangladesh’s delegation is deeply troubled by such incidents and expresses the deepest condolences and sympathies to our friends and allies across the world.

Viewing that both Afghanistan and Japan are strong and important partners of Bangladesh, our sadness could not be greater. Therefore, in spite of recognising the grave need for FMBs for the maintenance of regional stability, Bangladesh calls for a fair, justified and comprehensive legal framework that prevents such horrendous incidents from repeating, and reasonable mechanisms of trial that would bring such troops to justice.”Disarmament prevents & ends violence. Disarmament supports sustainable development.

Disarmament is true to our values & principle.”Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General


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