Committee: to public sector jobs and idleness

       Committee: Arab League – Economic andSocial Council       Topic: Devisingstrategies to counter the impacts of high levels of youth unemployment        Country:Republic of YemenA.  Yemen suffers from economic backlogdue to lack of coverage and quality of education, underutilized potential interms of agriculture, oceanic reserves like fisheries, natural gas reserves,minimal investment in manufacturing industries, extremely low womenparticipation in workforce, non-conducive environment for business growth,social status offered to public sector jobs and idleness of youth beingchannelized towards revolting against the government, among other reasons.

B. To employ the youth, Yemen needsmore established industries and improvements in the existing ones, those inwhich it enjoys a comparative advantage, in terms of technology usage, labourtraining and efficiency-increasing measures. The need of the hour is tojudiciously utilize the opportunities provided by globalization to develophuman resource, infrastructure, offer trade benefits to local industries aswell as the corporate sector. Developed countries of the Arab League have highpotential to boost Yemeni economy and create jobs by sharing their resources, the2 billion USD Saudi injection being a testimony for the same.C.

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The following methods could goa long way in achieving the above mentioned goals:Opening trade by reducing tariffand non-tariff barriers within the Arab nations such that relatively poorereconomies can benefit from the additional market access for the increasedproduction after sharing technical equipments and know-how with developed Arabnations;  engage successful privatesector firms of Arab nations to work with the government sector in theirrespective field to develop trust among the workforce towards private sector;undertake pan-Arab awareness programs to encourage internships and on-the jobtraining, a major factor responsible for prospective applicants being rejectedfrom the private sector; develop online forums like e-commerce to providework-from-home jobs to skilled women  byconnecting them with various employers; encourage microfinance, as  a source of finance, in poorer economiesbacked by loans and financial support from the developed nations via forumslike the AMF; creating conducive environment for businesses by cumulativelyeasing construction permits, increasing electricity supply in conjugation withdeveloped nations, digitalizing government procedures to start or expandbusiness; creating a 4 tier system for short-term unemployment insuranceprogram of maximum 100 weeks to provide inter-national exposure to potentialjob seekers by relaxing visa restrictions, not by compromising the securityaspect; declare ‘wasta’ or favouritism as going against the law in all Arabnations with nation-tailored consequences for the same to encourage merit basedselection of employees and prevent talents individuals from underemployment by establishingor increasing the intellectual level of the merit based criteria such as examsto enter public sector to enhance the quality and limit the quantity ofapplicants waiting for public job openings.  


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