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Commiting suicide isn’t an offense but helping someone to commit suicide is. Physician assisted suicide is illegal in most states except for Oregon, Montana, Washington, Vermont, California, Colorado and Washington D.C. Death with dignity is the idea that terminally ill individuals should be the only ones to settle on their end of-life choices and decide how much torment and enduring they ought to persevere.

Others oppose this idea, they view it as a violation to the fundamental mission that we have to respect human life. Terminally ill people should be given the right to assisted suicide because it helps those who are extremely suffering, it’s more of a peaceful way to die, and it will ease their families to know that they aren’t in agony aymore.Physician assisted suicide is more known to help those who are terminally ill or have declining health. They aren’t the people used to be in terms of physical health.

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In Oregon death with dignity deaths and prescription recipients have increased according to As more of those patients have access to it, most will choose assisted suicide over living the last bits of their lives suffering. Assisted suicide is a peaceful way of dying as opposed to many days of a slow and unpleasant death. It takes very minimal time, the patient usually slips into a five minute coma and passes away in about thirty minutes. “After a few minutes of drowsiness, he started to slip away, first falling asleep, then losing consciousness, his death was calm and peaceful, just as he had planned.” This quote taken from Glenn Church’s story at deathwithdignity.

org shows how the death with dignity act is beneficial for patients like Glenn. Those individuals who are afraid of a painful prolonged death should have this choice available for them if they don’t already.Having this option accessible for patients in agony and their families who dislike knowing and watching their loved one living in pain is convenient. Many patients would choose this because the cost of keeping them alive is a heavy load on society, their families and is very difficult.

They don’t want to die hooked up to machines and struggling for breath. “Craig wanted to end his life legally assisted, listening to his favorite music and in the embrace of his beloved parents… our legal system denied him and his family this dignity.” Some have even committed suicide since they don’t have this at hand in their state. The government, religious people who are philosophically opposed and politicians and their ideologies should not interfere with these peoples choices. Death with dignity is very much needed by these suffering patients. Parts of human dignity are liberty and self-government. Whether they are okay living with the torment or prefer a way out peacefully is up to them.

They should be able to end their lives assisted knowing they are ready surrounded by their families and loved ones.


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