Columbian animals that never exist before into

Columbian Exchange name after Christopher Columbus who accidentally discover the Americas in 1492. It is a gigantic trade a cross-hemispheric between Americas, Africa, and Europe. The trade change and effect many of things in these three continents forever.For Americas or New World, the continent population are all Native Americans and never have a contact with Europeans before.

After Christopher Columbus discover the huge piece of opportunity, created the trade between the two continents. Europeans desired gold and other goods that only existed in the New World, such as, Corn, Cocoa Beans, Tomatoes, and Tobacco, which required the knowledge and manpower of Native Indians, but Native Indians ended up all wipe out which is led to the shortage of the man powers after European introduced their domesticated animals that never exist before into the New World, such as pigs and horses. Those domesticated animals also carry diseases that never exist in Americas, led to unexpected genocide to all Native American, they got wipe out by disease, such as, smallpox, measles, yellow fever. In the first 130 years after Europeans had contacted Native Americans, it is estimated that 95% of Native American population had been killed. From population decrease of Native Indian created labor shortage throughout the Americas, Europeans have to find the solution to solve this problem.

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Africa the Europeans solution, Europeans turned to Africa to buy slaves due to their large slave export and shortage of labor in the New World. Some Europeans force African people into slave either. From this Europe able to regain more labor back. “Stowage of the British slave ship Brookes under the regulated slave trade act of 1788,” a paper that show the condition of slaves while slaves export to the New World, how suffer and nasty they been through.

Estimate around 11-12 million Africans slaves ship into the New World.For Europe, Columbian Exchange led to the economic and population boom in their continents. The money from export slaves in Africa to the New World, and the trade of the goods and the production of cash crop from the New World into their continent.

The trade also allowed for people in Europe to get the benefits of various foods from the New World, because of the crops in the New World are rich of calories lead to better diet for Europeans.


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