Columbian Exchange essay

Since Pangaea did exist in an earlier time, it’s important to know that the areas that are now hours away on a MPH plane were once reachable in a two hour rowboat ride. However, this had not been possible for centuries and millennia.

By now, any contact had before Pangaea broke apart was long forgotten. The continents have, at this point in time, been isolated for periods beyond recollection of time. But with Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the new world and the curiosity of new explorers, exchange soon began to take place. Resources that hadn’t been shared for ten, twenty, thirty generations ere now being exchanged once again.As Crosby said, the “seams of Pangaea” began to be re-knitted, because connections through ideas, religion, and resources were at last beginning to be restored, and even though they would never again be connected physically, they were once again together figuratively and mentally. The “re-knitting” of the continents is a major point in the history of the world. Peoples who had not been connected for centuries upon centuries began to speak and trade. Some of the things being exchanged back and forth brought great advances to everyone involved in the transaction.

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For instance, the Native Americans traded with the English and Irish settlers.In exchange for the Indian’s potatoes, the English and Irish explorers gave them cattle, pigs, and horses. The Indians were able to have new means Of food and transportation, and the Irish people were able to grow potatoes in their homeland. In addition to these resources, ideas were a common thing traded. The Europeans and Asians brought forth new ideas of slavery, through the use of African Americans, and ideas of monotheistic religions like Christianity and Islam, very different from current polytheistic and atheistic religions and levels already in place in the Americas.The Native Americans gave back to them new ideas of conduction’s and methods of belief and practicing of rituals. However, some of the ‘transactions” that took place did not turn out so well.

European settlers and explorers brought many diseases over with them, some exchanged via animals and others through the settlers themselves. No matter the means of transmission, these diseases still swept through North, South, and Central America, decimating population after population and crops everywhere. Many native people and species were piped out due to the diseases, the most deadly being influenza and smallpox.And, with European use of the slavery system, wars between tribes began to break out in Africa. The tribes fought each other, and gave members of the losing tribes to the Europeans to be sold into slavery. The entire continent broke into war, and many died as a result. Long ago, the monster-continent Of Pangaea stood tall, but today it sits in seven different pieces, surrounded by giant masses of water.

However, thanks to an event several centuries after Panacea’s fall, also known as the Columbian Exchange, Pangaea still remains intact through the connections introduced.Religion, ideas, beliefs, and resources were traded back and forth between the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia. These connections re-knitted the connections lost and introduced many great, wonderful accomplishments into the world, as well as many detrimental diseases that killed thousands upon thousands of native animals and tribal groups. While it is necessary to admit that there were both downfalls and high points in the Columbian Exchange, it is important to realize that they all played a major part in the history Of not only the United States, but also the entire world.

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