Color word multi might already give you an

ColorCorrection in simple terms meaning to work with different colors of the sameimage and correct them based on the requirements.This Serviceis integrated with Clipping Path Serviceand is performed mostly on a created path of an image to work on itparticularly without the damaging or changing the entire image. This is a veryuseful service to showcase various colors of the same product without the needto make or create several ones. ColorCorrection can be majorly composed into two parts:·        Color Path EditingIn this case we will be working with only one singlecolor of a specific part of an image. For example let’s take a model imagewhere the model is wearing a dress.

Here we would take a clipping path of the dress and work on the dress separately. Wewould perform color correction on the dress and we can change the color todifferent colors needed this will create an effect that the model has wornmultiple number of dresses without the need to actually change into them. Thusthe combination color correction and clipping path we will perform color pathediting. This service can be combined with any type of Image Retouching Service.·        Multi-Color PathThe word multi might already give you an idea of whatit might be and you are correct. This service is used to provide multiple colorcorrection of different parts of the same image.

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Now let us take the same modelwho was wearing a dress but now that dress has multiple colors on it and alsowe will work on her shoes at the same time. Here we would perform Multi Path or Complex Clipping andseparate each color of the dress and the shoes on different paths. Then wewould perform color correction to change the existing colors or decrease the numberof colors used. Multi-color correction can also be performed to input multiplecolors or create a pattern with colors on a single color image.

Tosum up color correction and editing service has a vast range of uses based ondifferent image and requirements. Clip and Touch can help you achieve theresults that you only had in your mind and make it a reality. In other wordsthat level of excellent work provided by us will make your possibilitiesendless. We value our customers and our work with determination and accuracy. Weare always keen to learning and taking on new challenges and being successfulin achieving the top most results.


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