College because of so many things to do.

College life is like a roller coaster ride. Your life goes up and down because of so many things to do. You even forget to arrange your study area and just throw your things and leave your desk messy. So when you are looking for something, you get dizzy searching on your mixed things. But not now anymore! Here are some life hacks to help you organize your desk area.One of the problem students like you are facing is that having a trouble finding where to put their school supplies.

To solve this problem, you can try this:• Get a hanging shoe rack. • Put your pens, clips, tapes, and other supplies in each division. • Label each pocket so you won’t have trouble finding what you need.Too much sticky paper on your desk to help you remind on the things you need to do?• Print or create a calendar.

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• Stick it to a clipboard.• Hang it on the wall or stand it to your desk to avoid clash of papers on your desk. You can now easily see your reminders. Not only that, by doing your personal calendar you can let out the creativity hiding inside you.Gadgets are a must have for you students. These help you in your study for easy searches. These gadgets require cable chargers to sustain the battery. Cable chargers are also a factor to a messy desk because after charging you just leave the cables on your desk ending up tangled to each other.

To avoid this,• Get an empty toilet paper roll. • Roll the cables one by one. • Put each cable inside the hole of the toilet paper roll. One paper roll per cable.• Design and label each roll for easy finds.

Now you don’t have any excuse organizing your desk. Even on busy schedules, always try to find time cleaning up your desk every once in a while. By doing these life hacks it will help you enjoy the roller coaster life of a college student. Have fun doing the crafts.(Answer to the question on the comment on the story angle)This is written on my own words but I get the idea on the net. Here are my sources: revised the article based on the comment. Thank you. The pictures are to follow.


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