Collector of the media with a record-breaking purchase

Collector :Wang Wei & Liu YiqianIn this essay, i am going to study on a couple collector, who are Wang wei and Liu yiqian, From the younger generation of super-rich, had been seen as the biggest chinese art collector. There is some basic information about them.

Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei are well-known Asian art collectors whose collection includes Chinese traditional and contemporary paintings and Western artworks alike. The couple who began their acquisitions by purchasing calligraphy works, first grabbed the attention of the media with a record-breaking purchase of Amedeo Modigliani’s portrait Nu Couché. Originally from a humble working class background, a businessman and a former taxi driver earned his fortune on the stock market in early 1990.

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Although he’s one of the top collectors in Asia, Liu Yiqian knows very little about art which has caused some critical remarks, especially when he was photographed drinking tea out of the priceless 500-year-old Ming Dynasty Cup. Despite the criticism, the couple continues to buy masterpieces and open venues, in order to fulfill their dreams of creating a Chinese version of Guggenheim museums.Also in 2016, the couple was ranked as one of the most influential 100 people in the art world by authoritative art magazine. In 1988, 25-year-old Wang Wei married Liu Yiqian, two acquaintances introduced by others. Just married, Liu Yiqian career has not yet started, in order to feed their families, who also serve several, while driving a taxi, taking care of a 12 square meters of small department stores.

In the early 90s of last century, Liu Yi Qian by investing in stock subscription card as a millionaire, then, the couple played a collection, initially only buy a teapot.In 1993, Liu Yiqian went to Beijing to buy internal staff shares, just after the founding of Guardian The first auction. Liu Yi Qian spent 200 yuan to buy the atlas, take a look inside the name, only to recognize Guo Moruo and Li Keran, bought a Guo Kuo-jo’s a calligraphy and Li Ke-dye a painting, spent a total of 180,000 yuan.In March 1997, after giving birth to her son, she went to Shanghai Mudao Art Auction Company as the manager. After 3 years, she returned to work as a full-time wife because of pregnancy. However, she had a great influence on her collection in the future.Although Wang Wei’s most public-known identity is “Mrs.

Liu Yiqian, a Capital Gangster,” she is considered the “first person in the red oil painting collection” in the art collection circle, and she is involved in this field entirely due to a chance . In a painting and calligraphy auction in 2003, because of the disagreement with Liu Yiqian’s opinion, Wang Wei angrily went to the other side to look at auctioned oil paintings. At exactly when she wanted to decorate the house, she was going to pick up some oil paintings for decoration.At this moment, Zhang Hongxiang’s “hard years” appeared. This picture was an oil painting of Chairman Mao’s hand picking wild herbs and cooks. She was impressed with Wang Wei’s primary school textbooks. She thought, “Such works should be in the national art museums, museums,” did not expect to appear in the auction. Wang Wei did not hesitate to buy it down, from the beginning of the revolutionary theme of the collection of the road.

The influence of her own growth experience made Wang Wei kind and agree with the collection of “Red Classics”. She spent her spare time in the early and mid-term of the purchase. After 2007, she began to extend the collections to both ends of the “Red Period”: going back to the old oil paintings in the Republic of China and later supplementing the modern and contemporary art since the 1980s. After several years of collection and collation, the Republic of China oil painting, “Red Classics” and modern and contemporary collections accounted for 15%, 60% and 25% of its collections respectively.Compared with his wife ,Wang Wei, Liu Yiqian’s real career as a art collector is from 2009 onwards, before art collection for him, just a interests. Wang Wei like to collect contemporary art and Western classical works of art, the difference is that Liu Yiqian prefer to collect ancient calligraphy and painting and some antiques. 2009 is a special year. After the global economic crisis, the Chinese art market inevitably plunges into recession and the volume of artwork is also declining.

Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei couple purchased the art works which is worth of 1.3 billion yuan in the domestic art auction market. They collected the authentic Huizong ‘s work “Huizong rare birds and birds” collected by Ullens couple with 61.71 million yuan;  West Prisoners Memorial Ceremony “; 169 million captured Wu Bin,” Shi ba yingzhen tu “; 58.

24 million yuan to buy the emperor collection ” Rui Ying “; 40.43 million yuan to buy Chen Yifei’s” Pacing “;  8344 Million Yuan for purchasing of the Qing Emperor Qianlong glaucoma dragon gourd bottle; 95.2 million yuan for Qi Baishi’s  “pity silent birdwatching insects”; 32.

48 million yuan to buy Chen Yi-fei “flute” In the same year, Qianlong Royal system “Water Yulong He was snapped from Hong Kong with HK $ 85.78 million. This series of large-scale art purchases,in some extent, also made the Chinese art market recovering.

Wang Wei and Liu Yiqian couple used their approach to bring Chinese art market to the billion-level market.In 2010, he won the “Peace Posts” by Wang Xizhi, which attracted worldwide attention with an outstanding price of 308 million yuan. He also bought Chen Xun’s “Love Plum Blossom” with 114 million yuan. By the end of the year, two letterheads bought by Tang Jiong and Fan Chengda from the Song Dynasty at a price of nearly 200 million yuan were sold at the Shanghai Dawn Auction.

Won the “annual collector” title.Liu’s art collecting usually is done in conjunction with his wife, Wang Wei. She acts as curator and concentrates on Chinese art. When 60 of their Chinese paintings and calligraphy works dating back to the Song dynasty were shown at Beijing’s Poly Art Museum in December 2010, they were insured for a reported ten billion yuan (£0.94bn; $1.5bn).


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