Coca nut, which provided the drink’s caffeine.

Coca Cola is a multinational company set in its American Head Quarters in Atlanta, Georgia.Founded in 1892 by Americans. Asa Griggs Candler and John Pemberton.The Drink ‘Coca Cola’ was invented by John Pemberton in 1885.The name Coca-Cola was derived from its two “medical” ingredients: “Coca” came from the coca leaf which is used to create the cocaine the drink contained, and “Cola” from the Kola nut, which provided the drink’s caffeine.Factors facing Coca Cola are, Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Economical and CompetitivePolitical FactorA recent Political factor that is affecting Coca Cola is the new Sugar Tax implemented in the United Kingdom that will tax soft drinks Company for the amount of sugar that they have. As a result of this Coca Cola have had to make some changes to their drink to adapt to the new legislation.

They have cut down the size of their 1.75 litre bottles into 1.5 litre bottles to reduce the amount of tax they will have to pay and has also increase the prices of these drinks by 20p.Environmental FactorCoca Cola is affected by accessibility to water as water is an essential ingredient when it comes to Soft Drink development, due to Climate Change, Coca Cola could face heavy losses. Coca Cola has to follow Environmental Laws as they manufacture their products, it can affect how they distribute products – or stop production completely.Social FactorCoca Cola distributes a large percentage of its products to cultured countries. And they have to meet the demands of these customers. In Japan they have created 30 alternatives flavours to appeal to Japanese customers.

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In China they are making similar efforts.But in some countries like the United States, they have started to focus more on their health. They are swapping sugary drinks like Coke, Fanta and Pepsi and switching to healthier alternatives. Coca Cola will need to respond to their needs and create a healthy version of their drinks so they can keep up with the new trend of healthy drinks in the United States.Technological FactorMachines have helped Coca Cola manufacture products in better and higher quality and quantity. Coca Cola has factories in the United Kingdom with the top of the range machinery to guarantee easy and quick production of their products to ensure quick delivery time to distribute their products all of the UK.Economical Factor.

The Coca Cola company distributes its products to hundreds of countries. These countries have many different customs, trends, tastes and lifestyle. The company have changed and updated how it handles its drinks by creating new flavours to account for these customers.Competitive FactorCoca Cola’s main competitor is Pepsi and has been since Pepsi’s creation 13 years after Coca Cola in 1898.


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