Cloud specific needs of an organization. Selecting

Cloud computing has been an evolving technology throughout the years. The cloud computing industry are increasing and more enterprise organizations are utilizing cloud computing. According to Schaeffer (2016), a survey has been carried out and concluded that about 93% of the organizations are using cloud services. As the cloud computing industry is rising every years, more new cloud computing provider companies are entering the industry which provides more options for a company to select the best cloud provider. However, a company should consider few factors in choosing the right cloud provider, choosing the wrong cloud provider may lead to the undesired outcome for the company.    The first factors that a company should consider on selecting the best cloud provider is to understand the specific needs of an organization. Selecting the right cloud solution is the most important decision to be made as it could be the long-term decision in supporting the overall organization’s business. Extensive and detailed planning should be carried out before making final decision in selecting the best cloud services provider. Without a careful planning, it could lead to the complex process of changing different cloud provider and higher investment cost. One of the important consideration is the scope of the operating business, different scope of business requires different compute power and resources to support the business. A global enterprise would require massive amount of dedicated bare metal servers while a smaller business scope would only require few dedicated or virtualized servers. Furthermore, a company should have a clear understanding of the required cloud features to support the business. For example, company should choose the cloud provider which has the features that could benefit the business, features such as customized tools or software and data analytics tools that could help a company to analyse its data for decision planning.     Other than that, the second factor to be considered is the level of security guaranteed by the provider. Security is the most crucial factor to be considered in selecting the best cloud services provider. Enormous amount of data which includes sensitive data such as passwords, customer’s personal information and banking informations are stored in the cloud servers. Without the strong security protection, all the data are accessible publicly and if the data falls under the wrong hands, it can be abused as stolen banking information and personal information for identity theft, extortion or blackmailing. Company have to identify the level of security guaranteed by the cloud providers by ensuring that the provider is using the latest technology and firewall software as older technology or firewall software may be outdated and vulnerable to the latest trends of attack such as WannaCry attack. Company also have to ensure the communications between the clients and the cloud servers are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), this could encrypt all the data transferred between the client and the server, thus providing a more secure communication. In addition to that, company should also consider choosing provider that could provide data backup ability. Should any data are lost or modified without any permission, backup features could help the company to restore the previous data.    The third factor to be consider is the performance and uptime guaranteed. Nowadays, there are many cloud vendors entering the market with each offers a different performance and uptime. Both of these factors are equally important as it could have a big impact on the overall business operation. The performance of the chosen cloud should be reliable and should be fast enough to support the daily workload of a particular business. In order to ensure a reliable and best performance, company should consider cloud vendors that offers high-speed SSD storage to provide fast data transfer. If the data transfer rate is slow, it could affect the overall business operation. For example, when the performance is slow, it might not be able to provide fast response to customers during Christmas holidays sales, thus affecting the overall operation process. In relation to that, it is important to ensure that the cloud vendor guarantees an uptime of 99.99% of all time. Company should conduct a research or reference check with the existing clients to ensure the vendors offers what it guaranteed.


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