Cleopatra’s of the few women to have the

Cleopatra’s full name was Cleopatra Thea Philopator her name meant Cleo Patra the goddess even though she ruled Egypt she was Greek. She was the last of a set of rulers called the Ptolemies who had ruled Egypt for 300 years, she was also the last true pharaoh of Egypt. She was born 69 BC and died 30 BC from suicide she was the daughter of Ptolemy XII Auletes and she had a son named Caesarion.;ccid=7u8A6OAZ;id=DEF66E4307175DF100B8E23E9239D561136144E5;thid=OIP.

7u8A6OAZfvARDDyj10XatQHaE1;;exph=448;expw=686;q=cleo+patera+brothers;simid=607999631878258844;selectedIndex=2;ajaxhist=0Cleopatra served as the last queen of Egypt for nearly 30 years she was the last ruler in her family chain who had ruled Egypt for nearly 300 years.

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She was one of the few women to have the title of pharaoh. The degree of power she possessed was rare as usually female rulers were lower-ranking to their husbands, but Cleopatra ruled independently. She was sharp-witted and ambitious, and she knew how to create power in the face of weakness.

She was also the only ruler of her dynasty in three centuries to have learnt the Egyptian language. Cleopatra did many significant things during her rein some examples are Soon after Cleopatra was given power, her brother Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator started to fight with her and wanted to rule Egypt independently Cleo Patra fled to Syria she then came back in 48 BC with a more powerful military backing than what her brother had. Soon after Julius Caesar fell in love with Cleo He helped her build her military power and then went onto to defeat Ptolemy in the Battle of the Nile.

Another significant thing Cleo did was She raised the taxes to pay off her father’s debt Cleo raised the taxes for export and import and raised the taxes from the wealthy She was able to utilize Egypt’s wealth to free the country from debt.;ccid=E9l88DHh;id=D73733A19D29F97A15F78B9403A88012D800E100;thid=OIP.E9l88DHhWw98XRGc9MBl_AHaEp;mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fgallery.;exph=936;expw=1491;q=battle+of+the+nile;simid=608055290330680941;selectedIndex=1;ajaxhist=0Berenice IV, her older sister took the throne from her father in 58 BC, but she was executed by Ptolemy XII in 55 BC.

She was 17 years old when she ran the throne with her brother Ptolemy the relationship between the siblings broke down in 51 BC because Cleopatra violated the rule that females should be beneath their male co-rulers or husbands she had removed Ptolemy’s name from all the official documents and got her own face printed on the Egyptian coins. Pothinus threw her out of power and made Ptolemy the only Egyptian pharaoh she escaped Egypt with her sister ArsinoeAfter the death of her family, she was crowned the queen of Egypt. She then had an affair with the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, to make sure her reign as queen was solid. After the death of Caesar, she seduced Roman Emperor Mark Antony and married him to retain her position as pharaoh.Her first obstacle was with brother in the fight for the throne. During this period, she escaped to Syria and created a military backing that was stronger than her brothers she returned to Egypt and with the help of Caesar she defeated her brother in the battle of the Nile.

The impact Cleopatra has on left on Egypt is that she helped build the canals the pyramids and the tombs. She helped Egypt out of debt and she also went into battle for her country she also changed the way women were viewed and treated in Egypt had a very high social standing compared to the rest of the Egyptian civilization Poor Egyptians lived in brick huts with one or two rooms Poorer Men wore a linen kilt and no shirt and poorer Women wore a skirt extending from their shoulder to their knees their Children usually ran about naked the higher social standing people such as Cleopatra wore extravagant items such as leopard skins, fancy clothing, a crown, jewellery and royal regalia. my artifact I made a headcloth, which did serve as a crown but symbolizes the pharaoh’s power in Egypt the head piece is known as a nemes, depending on what type of Royal Headdress they wore, it held a significance to some event a White Crown was worn to show the Pharaoh’s control of Egypt.


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