Clearly Determining interest. 3. Estimating expense. 4.

Clearly valuing assumes a vital part in any business. While considering about Amaya gathering. They have an alternate criteria of setting cost. As per the hypothesis there are a few stages in setting cost, 1. Selecting the value objective. 2. Determining interest.

3. Estimating expense. 4. Analyzing contender’s cost and offers. 5. Selecting estimating strategy.

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6. Selecting last cost. Lodging industry is developing step by step in Sri Lanka too in the worldwide market. Setting a cost ought to be extremely successful to the association also the client. Clients think about the cost and the offices gave.

On the off chance that the association neglected to set a reasonable value clients consideration will be pivot to the contenders. So Amaya has some remarkable variables that they consider when setting costs. 1.

How special they are. More often than not when clients are searching for lodgings, the inns all appear to be identical. All things considered, the clients simply attempt to locate the best arrangement between the costs that they will pay and the quality they anticipate. Be that as it may, the greater part of the clients finds a one of a kind affair as opposed to simply finding a place to rest.

All things considered Amaya has given an alternate affair over alternate lodgings in Kandy. Amaya has Resorts, Bungalows and Ayurveda resorts which are arranged in social and chronicled puts all around the nation. Which makes comfort for the clients. Why Amaya is remarkable? They give, • Boating, surfing and watersports. • Cultural appeal.

• Family occasions. • Romantic Honeymoons. • Nature Adventures. • Working Holidays.

Amaya’s offers, administrations and bundles makes them remarkable in the market. 2. Competitors valuing Strategies. 3.

Demand (nearby and visitors) 4. Government arrangements. (tax collection) Those are the four factors that are considered by Amaya when they offer an incentive to their administration..


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