Classical a centralized government, where they were

Classical India and China was among of the oldest civilizations that existed during the period 1000 B.C.

E to 600 B.C.E, as both societies developed and grew India and China they both had shown similarities in their politics, culture, and economical structure. Even though they had many similarities they also had significant differences, defining themselves as a civilization. For starters the Chinese political system had a centralized government, where they were ruled by a royal family. The royal families controlled China through a bureaucratic system, making everything efficient.

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The Chinese people also believed in the Mandate of Heaven meaning, they believed that the Gods themselves chose them to rule over China, they also believed that when a dynasty fell it was because the rulers became corrupted and shamed the Gods. The social structure in China had the Emperor on top, and the merchants all the way on the bottom. The merchants were considered low since their whole life is based on selling goods and profiting off it.

Since China wanted to be a closed nation and wanted their people to contribute to society, merchants were looked down on since they sold Chinese goods and that didn’t help society out or help anyone besides for merchants. In India, they were ruled by aristocratic kings, gaining their title through birth. Unlike the Chinese rulers, the Indian rulers had limited power, since India had a more Republic government, where they were not ruled by leaders but by their people.

They chose representatives to represent them to the king and to rule on their behalf. Also unlike in China, merchants were respecter more, because they made like good money in trade business. The people who were in the lowest group or caste in India were called Untouchables, they were forbidden to talk to anybody of a higher caste system. Also, in India nobody could ever move up the caste they were born in.

Women in India and China were given very little roles, the two countries were male dominate countries like many others back then and today. Women were given very little to no rights because they were practically owned by the men. They weren’t allowed to disrespect their husbands, fathers, brothers, or uncles. Weren’t allowed to file for divorce, own land, or anything really. Most women were treated like property. India had two religions both which are still around today, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Hinduism is known as the oldest religion, with no know founder, it was brought into India by the Aryans. Hindus believe in Brahma, Brahma was to be a spirit that lived inside everything and everyone that exists. Many Indians had practiced Hinduism over Buddhism. Buddhism was founded by Gautama Siddhartha who started Buddhism because he wondered what cause suffering. Buddhism focuses on suffering and how to not suffer.

China had three major religions, Daoism, Confucianism, and Legalism. Daoism was the more spiritual one, they embrace nature and harmony and peace. Daoism was founded by Lao-Tse, Next was Confucianism, founded by Confucius who told people to live their lives accordingly and they will be rewarded no matter what place you are on the social status.

Last was Legalism which believed in strict and utter obedience to the law. It did not believe in asking the purpose of life. Seeing the two civilizations religions show that India was more Religious beliefs and China had a more system of beliefs.


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