CITATION general unemployment. Frictional unemployment is a

CITATION htt8 l 1033 (https://tradingeconomics.

com, n.d.)2285991257299 00 center23002311409410012100eeeejjhjcwjawem ECONOMICS ASSIGNMENT AISHATH SUHAA ASHRAF 062435 Unemployment is a situation where people who are able to work and are willing to work are unable to get jobs. There are 6 types of unemployment.

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They are; frictional unemployment, seasonal unemployment, structural unemployment, technological unemployment, regional unemployment and general unemployment. Frictional unemployment is a type of employment caused for a short term and it is not a serious unemployment problem. Mostly this occurs when people move between the jobs because they want to change the job or want to get trained for another job. Seasonal unemployment is occurred in different times of the year because they work in the industries which are not needed for the whole year. It is the industries like farming, fishing, tourism and etc.

Structural unemployment arises due to changes in the structure of the industry. Technological unemployment rises with the new technological methods. In this unemployment mostly workers are exchanged by the machines. Regional unemployment arises in particular regions because of lack of resources, regional backwardness and basic infrastructure facilities. General unemployment is caused because of lack of demand.

It is the most serious type of unemployment occurred. As we look at the unemployment types that occurs in INDIA there are a lots of types. They are;OPEN UNEMPLOYMENT: Open unemployment is when the labor force is payed their regular incomes until they get another job.

These people cannot be counted as employed, but they should be counted as unemployed. The labor pool develops quickly than the growth rate of the economy. So, all the people in the economy are not employed.DISGUISED UNEMPLOYMENT:This is when there are more people working in a company more than required.

So, if they stop working also the production of the company will not be affected. SEASONAL UNEMPLOYMENT:It occurs in different times of the year. This unemployment occurs in industries like firming, fishing, resorts, ice factories etc.CYCLICAL UNEMPLOYMENT:This type of unemployment occurs because of the fall in business cycle.

It is the situation where there is a slump in the business cycle.EDUCATED UNEMPLOYMENT:It is caused because of the faulty education system. It is when the qualification of the people doesn’t match with the job.TECHNOLOGICAL UNEMPLOYMENT:Technological unemployment increases with the improvements in the technology. In this situation labors are replaced by the machines and much workers will be not needed in the company.STRUCTURAL UNEMPLOYMENT:The changes in the structure of the industry arises the structural unemployment.

UNDEREMPLOYMENT:Underemployment is when the worker’s work in jobs where the jobs doesn’t use their skills or educational qualifications. These workers are also known as part-time workers. CASUAL UNEMPLOYMENT:It is an unemployment situation which is faced by the workers who works for contractual jobs. Once the contract is due they don’t have any other work to do or they are unemployed.

CHRONIC UNEMPLOYMENT:It means there is an elongated unemployment in the economy. It is caused due to major reasons like slow economic growth, rapid population growth, defective education system and etc.FRICTIONAL UNEMPLOYMENT: It is a type of employment when workers look for another job or move from one job to another because the job or work doesn’t suit them. It is a short term unemployment which doesn’t causes any major problems.

In India unemployment is caused due to so many reasons. Some of them are;SLOW ECONOMIC GROWTH:India is underdeveloped and the economic growth is really very slow. They are unable to provide job opportunities for the people with the increasing population this is because of the slow economic growth. INCREASE IN POPULATION:The population rate in India is increasing day by day. So the industries are unable to provide job opportunities.

This has become a major problem in India for unemployment.AGRICULTURE IS A SEASONAL OCCUPATION:Most of the people in India works in their firms. People who are uneducated and people who don’t have a way to earn money by firming.

Large group of people are dependent on agriculture. But this is seasonal, it works for months after that the people are unemployed and they wait for the another season. JOINT FAMILY SYSTEM: In India most of the people lives in joint families.

These types of families will have big business or will have more people to work and earn for the these families there are some people who doesn’t work and are unemployed they are dependent on the joint income of the family. EFFECTS OF UNEMPLOYMENT IN INDIA:The young mans may take law in their hand in hopelessness. And can be involved in unacceptable activities. There are chances them to be criminals.

Because of unemployment most families face lower standard of living and the poverty rate increases. Economic contrast in the country may be caused due to social disturbance caused because of unemployment. Youths of the country is depressed because of unemployment. They over think because they have no jobs, no money and no way to earn money. Because of the rising costs poor people get difficulties to overcome their basic necessities.

Many suicide attempts are done because of unemployment and no way to earn money to overcome the family’s basic needs and wants. REMEDIES USED BY INDIA TO OVERCOME UNEMLOYMENT:Aware people about the benefits of population control. Because rapid growth in population is the major problem which leads to increase in unemployment.Opening more training centers for occupational educations by the government. So, students who are trained from here can easily fit the jobs in any industry who are undertaking.

Building more industries where there are less number of industries and more people willing to work and create more employment opportunities. Enlarge the industries in villages and cottages so the people living in those areas will not have to go to cities for searching jobs.Extending loan facilities among youths so they can build small businesses.

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