CIA, simply referring to information or data, which

CIA, otherwise known as Confidentiality, integrity, and availability is a type of security model in Place to ensure the paramount safety of a business. If there is thought to be any misconduct in either breaching any of these three, then severe consequences, will be put in place for any parties that have an involvement in this.

4 Confidentiality – This is simply referring to information or data, which is sought to be private or to remain a secret, which means there should be no other third parties involved. The only main and most obvious reason, is to avoid unauthorised access , In any sort of way. Other ideas, include having valid data encryption This could be largely attained by putting biometric measures in place. For example, having strong facial, eye, and finger print recognition could help prevent someone’s identity and strong passwords, with a combination of numbers and alphabets. Integrity- The word itself “integrity” refers to data being reliable and accurate, it is data which is not meant to be modified or tampered in any way .

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Data as such is always trustworthy, therefore, it should only be overseen by people who have authorised access and whilst they’re gone, the information shouldn’t be altered in any way, if this happens, this is known as unauthorised access , which means data has been compromised. Availability- When referring to the term “availability” this means to have something in place, and this could mean by having multiple back -ups , whether that being in a filing cabinet locked away safely, or a backup in the computer. Moreover, having resources at hand is another way in the event of hardware mishap or any technical failures. It is extremely essential, that all devices are running up to date, and tested regularly.


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