christopher were singing songs, playing game, munching

christopher mac candels once said the joy of life comes from different experience in life that is when i and my mother and ,my father decided to go on a roadtrip lonavala togetherand have fun.we packed are bag and got readdy for an exciting roadtrip. we zoomed the car for an adventurous roadtrip we were very happy and were singing songs, playing game, munching food. after a some time we saw police man ahead saying that the landslides were occuring get back to youey said and now the gps wasc lost. we went on the way most of the people were but then we wished to go in some restraunent and eat some satisfying food. we searched and searched for a restraunent not it was raining very much and we were finding it impossible to go with the car anymore suddenly we found a dhaba nearby.

we were extremely happy.The dhaba looked very beautiful from outside we thought to stop the car and go in the dhaba. The food was awesome and specially i loved it. we asked the owner if there was any place settle down he said that there was an army camp.

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now we were more happy we thanked the owner of the dhaba and went to see the camp. they did no allow us at the first attempt but allowed us at the next attempt because it was raining cats and dogs for one day. we enjoyd with them the whole night and then the next morning we had to leavei was sad because we had to leave but then it the most adventurous roadtrip ever i would go i thousand times actually christopher mac candles was right the joy of life actually comes from different encounters in life.


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